Happy (late) Easter everyone!

I hope you all had a good Easter Sunday! This week has been really good up here in the great white north! It's been a pretty normal week except for the weekend. We did get news this week that we won't have anymore Zone Meetings because we have Zone Conference every transfer now. It just mean less meetings but I actually like the training and seeing everyone so that sucks we won't have that anymore. On Saturday we had Elder Mayhue, who is a senior missionary with his wife. He came up to Whitehorse on his way home. It was really awesome to see him stop in and say hi. He also got us a new apartment while he was here and I am really excited about that!
So before I forget my address to send packages is changing  so please just send all mail to 3250 Strawberry Rd. Anchorage, Alaska. That will be easiest. So anyway we took Elder Mayhue around town to show him some cool sights that the Yukon has to offer. It was perfect because the weather has really been warming up and it's starting to look more like spring! The Yukon River is finally braking up but some lakes are still frozen over. Still have some snow but is almost gone. Spring time in the Yukon makes for some amazing views! After the amazing sight seeing we had dinner  with Elder Mayhue and had to give him the full Canadian experience with some good old Putine (if you are Canadian you know what I'm talking about) it is pretty much just french fries covered in gravy and cheese curds.  
It's super delicious and it's everywhere here even McDonald's has it. So Elder Mayhue spent the night here then took off to Skagway the next day. It was really great to see be him and be able to say bye! Anyway on Easter Sunday it was a great day!! Church was great as usual but the rest of the day was really....I guess you could say inspired. All day it seemed like everywhere we went we had some one we needed to talk to. It was a day of deep conversation and testifying of the power of change. It really made me think of how much I have changed on my mission. I have truly come to know that Christ lives and actually have a relationship with Him and God and I tell you what that changes a person when you have a real relationship with your Father in Heaven. I am so grateful to be on my mission and I am so grateful for my Savior! I know he is resurrected and lives today. The tomb is empty! I hope you all had a great Easter and have a great week! Next week I fly off to Juneau once again for another Zone Conference so hope to have some good pictures from the plane!

 Love ya bye!
Elder Barney


Hey guys!

So it's been a pretty good week. Not much happened but things are
good. We have been working hard here and have seen some good things
start up. The weather is getting way nice which is super big blessing.
Never thought I would be wearing a short sleeve at 30 degrees but hey
when it's been -20's it's not bad. Oh we did have something awesome
happen we heard from Nina who got baptized just a couple weeks ago and
she is going to the temple in Vancouver to do baptisms for the dead.
That is super exciting because she is also taking her grandmothers
name with her to the temple. Larry is doing really great as well. He just
got a calling as a ward missionary and we are teaching his wife a
little now. Please keep Donna in your prayers. She is super close but
just needs some help. Well that's about all the news this week!

Hope you all have a good Easter!
-Elder Barney


Hey there!
Soooooo for transfer calls I am staying another 6 weeks in Canada!
This will make it 6 months total. I kinda have mixed feelings about
 staying this long but I sure love the people here and sure love all
the amazing views so I am actually happy! This will make it over a
year away from all other missionaries and stuff but I am use to it by
now. I am keeping the same companion so I will be doing 3 transfer in
total with Elder Hall. So that was the big news of the week. The best
part was General Conference! It's crazy how much I have come to love
General Conference on my mission. I love the talks and it makes me
think of so many people that I hope are watching. This conference was
awesome! Elder Bednar's talk was amazing so was Eyrings and Oaks and
well they were all just so great! One thing that really stuck out to
me is how much they talked about Jesus Christ. They always do of
course, but it seemed like they were really hitting home with that at
least for me. One other thing that I took from this conference was
something Elder Bednar kept saying. He said "love being worthy"
 I absolutely love that! The happiest you will ever be is when you are
keeping the commandments of God and staying worthy.
I think that is
one of the many reasons I am so happy on my mission is because this is
the hardest I have ever tried to keep the commandments, I'm not
perfect but I sure try really hard. Something that goes really great
with this conference is the new Easter video the church put out called
"Prince of Peace" you should all check it out they did a good job.
Also we got new cards to pass out and I think that are really awesome.
This one just has a picture of Christ, simple and easy and shows that
we are Christians. Nothing bugs me more then when people think we
aren't Christians it's like hello my badge literally says "Jesus
Christ" so I think this card will help out a lot in that aspect. So
anyway Conference was definitely the highlight of the week! It was
great to watch it with Nina and Larry who are both recently baptized.
They are both doing really great and are both doing missionary work so
it's such a great miracle with them. I love this work and I love this
church! We are so lucky to have a prophet on the Earth today and get
to hear his inspired council! Well I love you all and hope you have a
great week!

-Elder Barney


Wow! It has been a super busy week! It feels like I was emailing yesterday! So we flew out to Juneau on Monday and it was a sweet plane ride as always!  We had interviews with our mission President right after we landed and that was good too! Then we spent the night with the Zone Leaders which was a party! It's crazy because in this Zone we have lots of missionaries from all these different Islands flying in and there is only 2 missionary apartments in Juneau so we never really know if we are staying with members or missionaries so it was fun to stay with the ZL's this time! Tuesday was Zone Conference and oh my goodness that was sooo awesome! We don't get to see other missionaries very often so it was like a huge reunion when the whole zone is together. Also the meeting was good of course and I learned a lot about how we need to "match our message" as missionaries. So lots of good stuff with that meeting. After the meeting some of us went teaching and for some reason I was with the Samoan Elder going around seeing people that only speak Samoan and little English.  It was cool to teach them even though I didn't know what was going on half the time. Wednesday morning we flew back to Skagway then Drove back to Whitehorse. Oh by the way on the drive back we saw some sweet snow caves! Next to the border the snow is like 9 feet deep and some people made awesome snow caves. So that was the exciting trip to Juneau.
 On Saturday Nina was baptized and that was the best thing ever! It was so awesome to see her after she was baptized and see how pure and happy she was. It filled my heart with so much joy! It has been so much fun teaching her and seeing her change. I love this work and love being a missionary. This week we find out if we are getting transferred or not and I have mixed feelings for sure. On one hand I really love these people and don't want to say bye but in the other hand it would be great to go back to Alaska. So we will see what happens.

Well I love
and miss you all and hope you have a great week!

-Elder Barney