Hello there friends and family!

Hope you all had a great week! This was another awesome week up North!
We were lucky enough to travel to Fairbanks! Besides the 2 hour long car ride 
it was a blast!  We went up for a trainer trainee meeting for all the new missionaries
 and their trainers. It was awesome because we usually set up our iPad and Skype 
into Anchorage but this time it was in person 
Another Beautiful Day in Delta Junction
in Fairbanks. President Robinson and his wife and also the AP's came up for the meeting. I learned a lot and love going to those. We had interviews with President Robinson this week which was cool. We were able to talk about the work and how we can improve as missionaries in our Christlike attributes. So latter on this week we had some great lessons with some awesome investigators. One of our new investigators we met with after about a week and a half, so we asked her where she was in the Book of Mormon and she said Alma 48!!!! Holy cow that's like half the book!! We were pretty surprised to say the least! We are really
 excited  to continue to teach her.
 Hopefully she will have a baptism date here soon.

On Sunday I had a pretty cool experience with the Holy Ghost. We were
sitting in sacrament meeting getting ready to partake of the sacrament
when I got a strong prompting to get up and leave church to go see
this potential investigator. I shrugged it of because we were in
church and I was asked to give the closing prayer. After the sacrament
the youth speaker got up to give his talk and of course it was on
following the promptings of the spirit. So after that I stood right up
and grabbed my companion and started to walk out. We went to see them
but they weren't home. I was confused on why I had this strong
prompting to go to this persons house and they weren't even home.
After telling this to my companion it dawned on me when he said maybe
it was so we could speak to that guy that we talked to on the walk
home. We were walking back to our truck to see that investigator and
we stopped and talked to our neighbor who we always wave to but never
have talked to. He told us that missionaries always try talking to him
but he wasn't interested so we offered to help him chop up some wood
and he was taken back. He was very impressed that we would do that and
said he would take us up on that. I don't know if that will work out
or not. It wasn't a crazy awesome ending but as soon as my companion
said that to me I felt the biggest since of peace like I did the
right thing. I don't know what the outcome will be but i sure I'm glad
that I followed the prompting to get up and do what the Lord asked.
Hope you all have a great week and stay safe! Love you all!

- Elder Barney


Hello there everybody!
Hope you all had a great week! This week up here was very interesting.
I will start at the beginning. First Elder Semadeni and myself decided
that we knew how to fish and didn't need anyone to take us out and
just went and didn't catch anything.... First mistake. So last P-day
was a bummer but on Tuesday we had exchanges. Here in the bush they 
send a Zone Leader and the District Leader down to flood the tiny down of Delta Junction with missionaries. It is a PARTY! I love those guys! They are a blast! Since this was Elder Semadeni's first exchange I wanted it to be really good. We had a really packed schedule that evening! Well right after dinner we had planned to split up and get lots done but of course things started to fall apart. All of our plans cancelled! So all four of us went to our plan B. We went to visit this priest who is less active but thinking of a mission. As we were talking with him he told us he had a friend who is interested in learning about he church down stairs. So we were able to teach his friend and she is now a new investigator! If our original plans didn't cancel we never would of been able to teach her. It goes to show that sometimes things don't go has you have planed but God always has his plan. If we would of just gave up and said what's the point after things didn't go good then we never would of seen that huge blessing of a new investigator. I learned that we need to put our shoulder down and keep pushing forward. We are closer the we think, we might not see
it but God does.

So on Sunday we went over to one of my favorite families for dinner
and they had us play this funny game where you had to say something
with those things in our mouth and they have to guess what we were
saying. It was pretty hilarious! I have got to invest in some of those
when I'm home.
Is this a game or are they getting their teeth cleaned?
So anyway later in the week I got the worst sliver of my life! I
literally got a sliver under my finger nail! Oh my heck the pain! I
know that sounds wimpy but dang that thing hurt! 
Sliver in
We have a doctor in our Ward who really helped me out. At first he said it would come out
on its own but then at church he casually told us to stop by his house
so we did. He just plopped me down put some ice on my finger and dug
out the sliver! Man oh man did that hurt. It's out now and feels much
better! That was the exciting part of the week
Sliver out!!!!
 but the best part was seeing investigators at church! Oh man I was pumped to see 2
investigators there! We have been trying our hardest to get one for ever and we hit a double bounce! One of them is such an awesome person who is super prepared! We have been working with her for some time helping her overcome some concerns. It's funny we like to tease her that she is just pre-Mormon. It's true though because she is so close! All her friends are members and she is just like a Mormon but has just a few concerns. The struggle is real. So anyway we had a pretty fun
time this past week. Hope you all have a great week and keeping being awesome! 

Love ya!

-Elder Barney

Hey everyone!

What a great week here in the great state of Alaska! We have seen a ton of miracles this week!
Great Outdoors of Alaska
 First we were able to actually be in a real live district meeting instead of over Skype which was just awesome! It is really different on a IPad then in person. So that was a great start to our week! Later we were able to teach some investigators we have been trying to get a hold of for a while. It was so awesome because they are both so elect! One lady we are teaching is so ready and prepared! She just has a few concerns but it was so awesome in our lesson to be lead by the spirit on what to say and what to share! I think one of the best feelings on this earth is when you are listening to some ones problems and something just pops in your mind like a scripture and it turns out to be just what they needed to hear. It is amazing to know that God used you as a tool to help someone else! Love helping others!

So the rest of the week was pretty sweet but the coolest day was Sunday! We were able to go to a branch conference in Tok. We just went down for the meeting. Some changes are happening because their Branch President is moving and they meet in his house. So now the question is where do the meet. The Stake President came down and talked about it and kinda seems like they are still trying to figure it out. It will be interesting what happens. All the members there are just so awesome so I pray it will work out some how. There is only about 10 to 15 members in the branch so we will see. The big miracle that happened is there was actually investigators there at church in Tok! What the heck!? 
Tok Alaska Where Miracles Happen
In little old tiny Tok!? Comes to show the Lords hand is in the work EVERYWHERE. 
We were able to pull a tiny Sunday school class together in one of the bedrooms and taught the restoration. The spirit was strong and they both want to learn more! So hopefully we can set something up and go back to teach them. It will be pretty crazy because we might be teaching over Skype or something. That will be interesting. It was just such a testimony builder to me that the Lord truly has his hand in HIS work. I know he  prepared those people and it worked perfect that we happen to be there that Sunday.       


I just wanted to tell you all thank you so much for your love and
support! It really means a lot when I read your emails and letters of
support. Thanks for your love! Also I wanted to say thank you to my
grandparents for all they do for me!!
Thanks Grandpa & Nana 

Well got to get going. Fish are biting!! ;)
Elder Barney

Hey there everyone!

This week was a great week to be in Alaska as one of the Lords
missionaries. We had a pretty busy week with lots of meetings. We got
a new Ward Mission Leader who is just the coolest guy! He is super
funny and is very excited about missionary work. We have been
Alaska State Troopers (Trace's favorite show)
 a lot with members and working with them. We have got lots of great things happening in this area. We were able to go to a Zone Meeting this week in Fairbanks which is always a blast! I learned a ton! I learned how key obedience is. To be honest at times it can get annoying to be obedient all the time but I realized as we remember why we are doing what we are supposed to it makes a difference. The big thing I learned is that obedience to Gods commandments should be done
because we love him not because we have to. Also I have learned that the mission is supposed to be fun! I am having so much fun and loving it all at the same time as trying to be the best missionary I can be. It's not easy all the time but we can improve everyday. So anyway that is something I learned as I have been pondering this week. We had a couple of those funny times happened this week! As you all know I love funny situations! 
So on Saturday we were trying to do some street contacting when we came across a garage sell so we thought we would check it out and see if anyone is interested. So it was in what looked like this living room of a house. There was a lot of people and as I started to look around I saw a sign that said something about Catholics. Then I started to look a little closer and noticed all this pictures of the Pope. I turned to my companion and said "I think this
is a Catholics house." So we kept looking around and decided to leave but I have always wanted to ask a Catholic for a referral so I walked up to the lady and asked if she knew anyone who would listen to a message about our church. She looked at me very angry and said "that's
a weird question to walk into a church and ask." At that point I realized we were in a Catholic Church! So as we left we saw the big sign on the other side of the yard. It looked so much like a house at first hahahaha! I just about died when she said church. So I guess I can cross that of my mission bucket list.
                                                               So the next funny thing that happened is that my companion Elder Semadeni was looking at some
Way to go Elder Barney 
stuff in our apartment and found this hanger thing. It had some screws out the back to put on the wall. So as I picked up this hanger it slipped out of my hands and BANG! It hit Elder Semadeni's iPad! Oh man it put quite the crack in it as you can see. I felt SOOOO BAD! But we are getting it fixed. He will be without one for a couple weeks and will have to go old school haha. Anyway that was my funny stories of the week. Hope you all have a fantastic week and stay safe!

              Love ya guys!

              Elder Barney

Cool Cats (so they think)


Hello family and friends!

This week was week of transfers! I did get a new companion fresh out
of the MTC. He is super awesome! His name is Elder Semadeni from
Starvalley Wyoming. Although I love my new companion it was sad to see
my last one leave. He was so stinking cool! I was able to see another
past companion in Anchorage this week.

 All the missionaries go to Anchorage to meet their new companions so I got to see a lot of
friends! What a party! I was also blessed to be able to go to the temple before we took of back to Delta Junction. I love the temple so much! I learn something every time. After the temple we headed back to Fairbanks for the night then drove to Delta Junction the next morning.
We had a blast the rest of the week. We went OYMing at the Delta Fair! It was such a tiny little fair but everyone in town goes. They had some good food and some cool Alaskan stuff. They also had this thing they call the Mud Boggs here. It's where they fill this ditch with mud and race through it with truck, 4-wheeler, snow machines, and whatever else they could drive haha! It was super cool to see! As we were walking back to our truck Elder Semadeni was trying to be the good "greenie" he is and wave at everyone who drove by. Well this one guy drives by and flips him the bird and the look of Elder Semadeni's face was priceless haha! I shouldn't laugh about that but it was pretty funny how shocked he was someone would do that to us. Also to give him a little welcome to the mission some members made him a "Greenie Dinner." Everything was green! Green mashed potatoes, green eggs, green gravy, green lemonade, green beans, green ice cream, and a green plate to eat it all on!
 It was hilarious because he didn't realize for a while! He was just like "wow these people really love the color green." All in all it was a funny dinner! Well this week was just a blast and I am loving it. Next week should be just as fun! Remember anything is possible with the savior on our side!

-Elder Barney
At the airport picking up all the new Missionaries 

The cool Missionaries