Hello there everybody!
Hope you all had a great week! This week up here was very interesting.
I will start at the beginning. First Elder Semadeni and myself decided
that we knew how to fish and didn't need anyone to take us out and
just went and didn't catch anything.... First mistake. So last P-day
was a bummer but on Tuesday we had exchanges. Here in the bush they 
send a Zone Leader and the District Leader down to flood the tiny down of Delta Junction with missionaries. It is a PARTY! I love those guys! They are a blast! Since this was Elder Semadeni's first exchange I wanted it to be really good. We had a really packed schedule that evening! Well right after dinner we had planned to split up and get lots done but of course things started to fall apart. All of our plans cancelled! So all four of us went to our plan B. We went to visit this priest who is less active but thinking of a mission. As we were talking with him he told us he had a friend who is interested in learning about he church down stairs. So we were able to teach his friend and she is now a new investigator! If our original plans didn't cancel we never would of been able to teach her. It goes to show that sometimes things don't go has you have planed but God always has his plan. If we would of just gave up and said what's the point after things didn't go good then we never would of seen that huge blessing of a new investigator. I learned that we need to put our shoulder down and keep pushing forward. We are closer the we think, we might not see
it but God does.

So on Sunday we went over to one of my favorite families for dinner
and they had us play this funny game where you had to say something
with those things in our mouth and they have to guess what we were
saying. It was pretty hilarious! I have got to invest in some of those
when I'm home.
Is this a game or are they getting their teeth cleaned?
So anyway later in the week I got the worst sliver of my life! I
literally got a sliver under my finger nail! Oh my heck the pain! I
know that sounds wimpy but dang that thing hurt! 
Sliver in
We have a doctor in our Ward who really helped me out. At first he said it would come out
on its own but then at church he casually told us to stop by his house
so we did. He just plopped me down put some ice on my finger and dug
out the sliver! Man oh man did that hurt. It's out now and feels much
better! That was the exciting part of the week
Sliver out!!!!
 but the best part was seeing investigators at church! Oh man I was pumped to see 2
investigators there! We have been trying our hardest to get one for ever and we hit a double bounce! One of them is such an awesome person who is super prepared! We have been working with her for some time helping her overcome some concerns. It's funny we like to tease her that she is just pre-Mormon. It's true though because she is so close! All her friends are members and she is just like a Mormon but has just a few concerns. The struggle is real. So anyway we had a pretty fun
time this past week. Hope you all have a great week and keeping being awesome! 

Love ya!

-Elder Barney