Hello family and friends!

This week was week of transfers! I did get a new companion fresh out
of the MTC. He is super awesome! His name is Elder Semadeni from
Starvalley Wyoming. Although I love my new companion it was sad to see
my last one leave. He was so stinking cool! I was able to see another
past companion in Anchorage this week.

 All the missionaries go to Anchorage to meet their new companions so I got to see a lot of
friends! What a party! I was also blessed to be able to go to the temple before we took of back to Delta Junction. I love the temple so much! I learn something every time. After the temple we headed back to Fairbanks for the night then drove to Delta Junction the next morning.
We had a blast the rest of the week. We went OYMing at the Delta Fair! It was such a tiny little fair but everyone in town goes. They had some good food and some cool Alaskan stuff. They also had this thing they call the Mud Boggs here. It's where they fill this ditch with mud and race through it with truck, 4-wheeler, snow machines, and whatever else they could drive haha! It was super cool to see! As we were walking back to our truck Elder Semadeni was trying to be the good "greenie" he is and wave at everyone who drove by. Well this one guy drives by and flips him the bird and the look of Elder Semadeni's face was priceless haha! I shouldn't laugh about that but it was pretty funny how shocked he was someone would do that to us. Also to give him a little welcome to the mission some members made him a "Greenie Dinner." Everything was green! Green mashed potatoes, green eggs, green gravy, green lemonade, green beans, green ice cream, and a green plate to eat it all on!
 It was hilarious because he didn't realize for a while! He was just like "wow these people really love the color green." All in all it was a funny dinner! Well this week was just a blast and I am loving it. Next week should be just as fun! Remember anything is possible with the savior on our side!

-Elder Barney
At the airport picking up all the new Missionaries 

The cool Missionaries