Hey there everyone!

This week was a great week to be in Alaska as one of the Lords
missionaries. We had a pretty busy week with lots of meetings. We got
a new Ward Mission Leader who is just the coolest guy! He is super
funny and is very excited about missionary work. We have been
Alaska State Troopers (Trace's favorite show)
 a lot with members and working with them. We have got lots of great things happening in this area. We were able to go to a Zone Meeting this week in Fairbanks which is always a blast! I learned a ton! I learned how key obedience is. To be honest at times it can get annoying to be obedient all the time but I realized as we remember why we are doing what we are supposed to it makes a difference. The big thing I learned is that obedience to Gods commandments should be done
because we love him not because we have to. Also I have learned that the mission is supposed to be fun! I am having so much fun and loving it all at the same time as trying to be the best missionary I can be. It's not easy all the time but we can improve everyday. So anyway that is something I learned as I have been pondering this week. We had a couple of those funny times happened this week! As you all know I love funny situations! 
So on Saturday we were trying to do some street contacting when we came across a garage sell so we thought we would check it out and see if anyone is interested. So it was in what looked like this living room of a house. There was a lot of people and as I started to look around I saw a sign that said something about Catholics. Then I started to look a little closer and noticed all this pictures of the Pope. I turned to my companion and said "I think this
is a Catholics house." So we kept looking around and decided to leave but I have always wanted to ask a Catholic for a referral so I walked up to the lady and asked if she knew anyone who would listen to a message about our church. She looked at me very angry and said "that's
a weird question to walk into a church and ask." At that point I realized we were in a Catholic Church! So as we left we saw the big sign on the other side of the yard. It looked so much like a house at first hahahaha! I just about died when she said church. So I guess I can cross that of my mission bucket list.
                                                               So the next funny thing that happened is that my companion Elder Semadeni was looking at some
Way to go Elder Barney 
stuff in our apartment and found this hanger thing. It had some screws out the back to put on the wall. So as I picked up this hanger it slipped out of my hands and BANG! It hit Elder Semadeni's iPad! Oh man it put quite the crack in it as you can see. I felt SOOOO BAD! But we are getting it fixed. He will be without one for a couple weeks and will have to go old school haha. Anyway that was my funny stories of the week. Hope you all have a fantastic week and stay safe!

              Love ya guys!

              Elder Barney

Cool Cats (so they think)