Hey friends and family!

This is a crazy feeling writing this email. Honestly it doesn't feel real that I will be home anytime soon. This week has been a sprint to the finish for sure. I was a little bummed that one of our investigators baptism got pushed back a week due to some stuff in Salt Lake. I am pumped for Andre to be baptized! This week we also had MLC where we got smart phones. One week left and now we get smart phones, story of my life. It was such a weird feeling holding one and also seeing my companion have one. Weird. Anyway once Saturday hit and we got our transfer calls it hit me that this is it. I kinda just been trying to forget about going home and now it hit me pretty hard. I'm excited to see my family but really sad to leave the mission. I love it here so much but the best part is all the amazing people. Not going to lie it can be hard out here at times. There is rejection, it's cold, it's dark but I'm telling you it's all so worth it! I can't even put into words how grateful I am for being on my mission and meeting those that I have met! I have come to know who my Father in Heaven truly is. I have also come to love my Savior Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for his Atonement and the power to change. Helping people repent and have Faith is the best thing I have ever done. This has been the happiest two years of my life so far! The thing that makes the mission so great and happy is charity you feel for people. Words cannot describe what true charity feels like. When you are able to see someone how Christ sees that person it changes you. This church truly is God Kingdom on earth and I invite all to come and see for yourself. The Book of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. It's so simple, all you need to do is ask and excise faith and you can know these things are true too. This is Gods work! I have felt the joy Christ talks about when he tells us how great our joy will be if we bring just one soul unto him. I will always thank my God for these past 2 years! Everyone in Alaska and the Yukon, thank you so much for all the amazing memories! I will never forget you! Everyone back at home, thank you for making this possible. I will see you soon!

My home coming talk will be this Sunday Dec. 17
Rigby 14th Ward @ 11:00 a.m.
602 Sundance
Rigby, Idaho


Well it was my last fast Sunday on the mission yesterday. It is crazy to think I got one more Sunday left! This week was crazy and it finally hit me that my time here is coming to an end. On Saturday I hit my 2 year mark of my mission. It was weird to think back on all that. It's been such an amazing 2 years! This isn't my last email so I will save all that stuff for my last one. Any way this week was awesome with Exchanges and teaching and lots of other fun stuff. I went on a Exchanges with one of the new missionaries Elder Brown from Rigby Idaho so it was fun to talk to him about Rigby and all that Idaho stuff. Elder Brown is an amazing Elder with lots of fun energy so we had a great time together. I also went on exchanges with one of my good friends Elder Ryan! It had been awhile since we have been on am Exchange so it was sick to see him again! It's always so fun going on exchanges with him because his this surfer dude from Cali and always wants to "flow" my hair with his blow dryer so I'm always lookin fresh after being with him! While on exchanges with Elder Ryan we went and did a Zone service at a tree lighting celebration in Eagle River, we were directing so it was cold.  The funniest part of the service was Elder Brown had one of the stop signs and I  guess he got bored so he started playing with the sign, we see cars stopping and going and backing up  so we look over at Elder Brown and he is just throwing the sign in the air and confusing all the cars! Man that was super funny! After the service we walked around and talked to people. We even saw Santa and his Reindeer. Of course we got a sweet picture with him.  That was a pretty fun service!
The next day which was Saturday was crazy! So we met with President Toone early in the week and we are trying to get every area in the Zone to baptize in December. So we fasted for everyone we are working with and tracted for 4 hours in different missionaries areas. We knocked a lot of doors! It was a good way to celebrate the 2 year mark. I was able to go get some wings for dinner with my friends later that night which a blessing haha. On Sunday I had a surprise visit from one of my childhood friends, Brian Palmer. They moved up to Alaska like 10 years ago and I finally found out where. He came to church and it was cool to catch up with him. It was a trip seeing him. It was like a small taste of what it will be like seeing my friends when I get home. So this will be my last full week but it's ending with a bang. Andre will be baptized this Saturday right after our Ward Christmas party. I am so excited for him! He is doing so great! He has stayed so strong and is so excited to be baptized. It will be something to never forget when he gets baptized. This coming week is a big one for me. I'm excited to end strong! I will keep pushing. I want you to all know that I love my Savior and I am grateful for the Priesthood man he has help me become. Change is real! I love you all and hope to see you really soon!

-Elder Barney


Hey guys!

So what a week it has been. First off  thanksgiving was crazy! We did it Alaska style and went big with 3 dinners! I have never been more stuffed in my life! The food coma was real! We started the day eating with a part member family who owns an Asian restaurant and had an Asian Thanksgiving.  It was delicious and different to eat fried rice ad sesame chicken on Thanksgiving. 
I did a rookie mistake and eat way to much! Our 2nd  dinner was with another part member family that we are super close with. There was so much food and a ton of people there. We finished the day with one of our favorite members. After the 3rd dinner I went to sit on there couch and next thing I know my companion woke me up 15 minutes later.  I'm telling you that a food coma was for real!  
Although the food was great the best part came early in the day. We gave one of our investigators a blessing in a members home. It was crazy because he told us that he will do anything to be baptized and quit smoking. We taught him about fasting earlier in the week and then he was determined to fast on Thanksgiving. It was the only day he had off work so he decided to fast that day and get a blessing. It was a super spiritual moment giving him a blessing to with stand temptation. That moment made that the best thanksgiving I can ever remember. I am so great for the Priesthood and the opportunities to bless others with it. Honestly teaching Andre as definitely been the highlight of the week! Also this week we went on Exchanges which was awesome. I went with Elder McKamey who is a good guy! We had a lot of fun and worked really hard. Sunday was one of the best days this week. We were running every which way. We taught Daniel who got baptized a couple weeks ago. We started up the new member lessons. We also taught the other Daniel who we have been teaching for a month. He finally said maybe to baptism. He came to church for the first time this week and he really enjoyed it. I truly believe he will be baptized. The work here is going great and things are good. I love you all and hope you had a good thanksgiving!

- Elder Barney


Hey everyone!

So this week felt forever long but a lot has happened as well. Last Monday was fun because we took a hike to a waterfall. It was cool because everything was frozen so it was different looking. The best part of the hike was actually throwing watermelon of a cliff! Goood stuff. The biggest thing this week was actually our Zone Conference. Our whole Zone got Facebook which made for a long Zone Conference. Elder Ogden and I gave a training on the initiative for this Christmas which is Light the World, we did the same thing last year and it worked so good so we are doing it again. We had a good time training about it and thinking of some cool ways to share it, all and all it was a good Zone Conference and crazy to think that was my last one. Interviews with president was good as always, it's really great to see the love he has for all his missionaries. This week we had a few lessons with Andre and it went awesome! He is super elect. We have video chat him a few times a week and are in daily contact with him to help him quit smoking and drinking. He is doing great with reading and you can just see the change in his eyes. We were on Exchanges one day and we were teaching him and we taught the word of wisdom in depth, the lesson it's self was a little shaky but he just excepted everything we told and loved it. He is already doing missionary work at his job by trying to get his friends to meet with missionaries as well. We met with him Sunday and talked about his baptism on the 9th of December and he was so excited. A lot of families in the Ward invited him over for thanksgiving but he turned them all down because he wants to fast that day for strength to overcome his smoking! We will also be giving him a blessing that night. He is so on top of it! He is definitely a highlight of the day to teach. We have also put a new family on date for the day after I go home. It's sad I won't be here but I'm just excited they will be baptized. They don't know I want be here yet so that will be hard to tell them. All and all the work is going great and things are well! Hope you all have a great thanksgiving!

-Elder Barney

2 Timothy2:3
Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.


Hey guys!

So this has been a great week!!! We had lots happen but the best part was Daniels baptism! It was awesome! He was so happy! It was such a joyful moment seeing him after being baptized.
When I shook his hand and congratulated him the spirit told me that this kid will do great things. I loved seeing the smile on his mother's face and the tears in her eyes when she saw him in the water. I love seeing people being baptized but this one was different because seeing the whole family happy and full of gratitude really hit me. I am thankful that I know this gospel is true and I am great everyday to be able to tell people of its truthfulness! So that was the big highlight of the week. Okay so for the big change of the week is that we got Facebook. We had MLC, which is just a meeting for Zone Leaders, and we learned all about it and made our accounts. It is really helpful for the work! We have already been able to share videos and messages with our investigators everyday. We have also been able to do video chats with them as well. It has been a huge help in the work. The missionaries in our zone have not got it yet but we keep telling them that it is so amazing. A lot of missionaries aren't to excited for it and see it has a distraction but to be honest it's not any bigger distraction as they have right now. If you are focused on your purpose honestly it's not that tempting. On the other hand it was a trip to log in into facebook and see profile picture of friends with their spouses that I had no idea they were married! So that was crazy to see all of that and it felt just weird. Anyway all and all Facebook is a really great tool. All the missionaries in the Zone get it this week at Zone Conference so that should be fun. This is going to be my last Zone Conference and I was so hoping I didn't have to give a training but we will be training of the new Christmas initiative. Got a fun week ahead. The rest of this week has been great times with teaching lots and going to meetings. Oh one other highlight in my life
is that Panda Experience just opened up in Eagle River so mission just got even better. Well that was the big stuff of the week! Well love you all and hope you have a good one!

-Elder Barney

2 Timothy2:3
Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.


So ya this week was pretty awesome! It was transfer week so I got my new comp Elder Ogden
and he is freaking awesome! We were already good friends before so it has been cool to be comps. This week we had some great lessons with some elect investigators. Daniel passed his interview and will be baptized this Thursday! We are pumped for him! It has been a lot of fun teaching him. His mom is really great and super nice. She is a convert of 4 years and really loves this gospel. She bore her testimony this Sunday and it was powerful to hear her testify of how grateful she was that she found this gospel. It has been a true pleasure teaching her son. Also this week we taught Andre which went great! We moved his baptism date up. I told him I would quit drinking soda if he stops drinking beer and now he is all excited to make me stop drinking soda. Tomorrow is when he quits beer so I guess it's my last day for soda haha. He is the guy we have been teaching in the yert tent thing. He is super elect and ready for baptism. He has such a strong testimony of change its crazy! He tells us that he wants to be a better man and wants to stop sinning to the point of being perfect. It's been fun teaching him about the Atonement and how we will be perfect one day but for today we just need to give our absolute best. I love teaching people with such a desire it's inspiring. We are also teaching another kid who is such a stud! He is in seminary and not even a member. He has amazing questions. We taught about the Plan of Salvation and it was really awesome to answer such great questions but the highlight of the lesson is when we taught about the Atonement. It was such how powerful moment to teach a teenager that the Savior knows him and loves him enough to die for him. As we testified to him about the Saviors suffering I could see in his eyes how much it really meant to him that someone loves him that much. Daniel always pay attention when we teach but once we started talking about the Atonement he was on the edge of his seat hanging on to every word. We hope to be inviting him to baptism this next lesson which I can't wait for! So other than some awesome lessons and transfers that's about it for this week. Oh expect with transfers I ran into my son, last comp I trained, Elder Hatch.

Things are all good! Hope you have a great week!

-Elder Barney

2 Timothy2:3
Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.