January 25, 2016\

Hey everyone!

So first of all I am safe! Yes we had a 7.3 earthquake in Alaska and yes I definitely felt it! I was sleeping and I heard my companion yell "Barney!" I woke up in panic of course. Then I noticed everything was shaking. Yes I was scared. I never felt anything like that! We are on the 3rd floor and the whole building started to day back and forth. I thought it was going down but it was all okay. It was a little hard to sleep after that. It all happened around 1:30am. It was definitely one for the journal!

After the Earth Quake did you do something fun for P-Day?

So for P-Day today we took a hike to the Pacific Ocean! Ya I touched
the ocean! That was awesome! It was a great hike and had so many great
views! We played frisbee on the ocean too because it was frozen. I
feel like not to many people can say that! I'm part of a select group!
Haha it was a really fun P-Day activity with my distract.

This week I have been reminded how important it is to be obedient. I
can see that when we are obedient to our Heavenly Father blessings
come and when we are not they stop. There was no big example that I
can give about obedience this week but I can see the difference in our
work as missionaries. One of the biggest things I have learned on my
mission so far is to always act on a prompting. We get prompting to
call or visit someone all the time. When we act on those I always see
why we got that prompting. Thank you all for your prayers! I feel them
each and everyday! Love you and miss you guys so very much!

-Elder Barney

It goes on, and on, and on.  It never stops 

                                                                 Little me in the WIDE open space

January 18, 2016

Hey everyone!
So this week was great!! We got another investor on date to be
baptized! Super excited for that on February 20th! I wish it was
sooner but she wanted it further out. She is definitely a character.
She was a referral from the sisters in another district. She is
battling with smoking, drinking, and some drugs. The other day when we
asked her if she wanted to be baptized she told us she did something
bad. She told us she felt really bad because she smoked. So I told her
that she can work on it and she can still be baptized and stuff. Then
she said "ya it was only a little bit of crack." My eyes almost popped
out of my head! I was like wait what?! So needless to say our next
lesson is on the word of wisdom haha. I hope she keeps her commitments
it's so great to see investigators keep their commitments! You can
truly see them put their trust in the lord.

So for P-day we went ice fishing with one of my favorite families! The
Zvirzidens. They are the nicest! Last night we played board games and
ping pong and eat some awesome dinner! So this morning we went to
their house ready for ice fishing and they surprised us with
breakfast. It was so great! Ice fishing was super fun and cold! I
caught 2 fishes!!! They were small but it counts! We also we went ice
skating on the lake. I realized that is not my talent. Loved it!

-Elder Barney

                                   Just sitting on my Bucket waiting for the fish to bite                                                

I caught one!!

Ice skating is for the the talent ones.

How do I get back to the shore line?????
That's me in this big beautiful place. 

January 11, 2016

Hey everyone!
This week in Alaska had some ups and downs. We had a good training this week with the area 70. I learned a ton listening to him! I love those training's. I learn a ton from them. One thing we learned is that we need to teach people that our ready to hear our message. It caused us to have some talks with our investigators who were not progressing. One of them we talked with was scheduled to be baptized on the 16th. We had to push her baptism 4 times now for word of wisdom issues. So we told her we can't keep pushing it. We gave her this last chance and she seemed really determined. Both me and my companion thought she would do it. She lasted 4 days. Unfortunately we had to move on to investigators who will keep their commitments. That was a big downer this week. I really thought that she would do it but she is just not ready. That same day we found out that she smoked.

Friday night and Saturday day I was very sick. I had the flu. Not fun but I am feeling much better. Also this morning we started our laundry for P-Day and our washing machine broke and flooded our washing room and kitchen. Crazy morning but they fixed it. We get a new washer in 3 weeks. and have to have this loud fan running for a long time in our apartment.
                                                 Image result for broken washing machine cartoon

But this week wasn't all bad. I got to catch a glimpse of the packer game and we were at the hospital giving a blessing. I got to see the Packers score! That was a little treat!

                                                  Image result for packers

Oh and I had a great experience this week. So on Friday during dinner week get these texts that all of appointments canceled and also our back ups. So after dinner we didn't know where to go. I was not feeling to good and we already saw everyone we could go see. So as we were driving I told my companion to pull over. So he did. I said lets pray and see what we feel. So we did. My companion asked me after if i felt where we should go. I didn't but luckily he did. He said let's go to Mary's. Mary is less active who's last discussion with us didn't go so well. But we followed the prompting and went. She let us in and we started talking. She told us how she was going to go out that night but had a thought not to. She even had a thought that we would drop by. We told her what happen and how we felt prompted to go there. She broke down in tears and the spirit filled the room. She told us how she was having a hard time finding peace. I honestly didn't know what to say but as i opened my mouth words came out. The spirit was so strong. As we talked to her my companion felt to invite her to church. So he did. She said she would go. We didn't see her Sunday but i know that whatever we said she needed to hear. I know the spirit worked through us that night. It was so great to see the Lords and in our work. I feel so lucky to do this great work. i get to see these type of things everyday. Sometimes those moments are hard to see. They don't always happen like that but when we look for God's hand in our life each day it is amazing to see the blessings. I invite all of you to try to do that especially on those hard times. I love you and miss you all so very much. Stay safe and have a good week!

-Elder Barney

Jan 4 2016

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Years! My New Years was lame. We had to be in at 7 and just had to pretty much sit there and study. Not to fun. This week was actually pretty pack full of events. First off I will start with New Years morning. So we woke up with no power and because the sun doesn't come up until freaking 11 we had to shower and do everything in the dark! Good thing we had flash lights. I guess someone ran into a pole. The roads here are super bad. They are crazy icy! People are slipping off the road left and right here. And walking on the ice sucks. Yes I did fall, today actually. Well that was my event full New Years. Okay, then earlier this week we got two more investigators on date to be baptized! I am so happy for the 2 of them. One of them is a 16 year old kid who is pretty cool. He likes meeting with us but if only he could like going to church. He went this Sunday and committed to go to every Sunday after. Then the other ones date is late February. To be honest she needs to get off the drinking and smoking first. She has come such a long ways since meeting with the missionaries years ago! I know as she keeps putting her trust in the lord he will help her quit the necessary addictions she needs to. Oh so this is a little be random but today we went to the zoo. Just wanted to tell you all about that before I talk about the craziest event. Anyway the zoo was not to bad. I saw polar bears and brown bears. I also liked the tiger seals. The seals look like they are smiling in my pictures haha. It was a fun P-day activate!
Okay now for the most crazy event. One of our investigators who is on date to be baptized with her family on January 23 got into a server car accident. Another car T-boned them in a intersection. When she was released from the hospital she had us come over the next day. When we walked in and she instantly covered her face with a blanket and started to cry. Her boy friend who is soon to be her husband didn't know what to say. So we sat there and made some awkward chitchat. Her cousin then came in to take her to a doctors appointment. As they were scrambling to get everything taken care of we were about to leave. I got a prompting to ask if she wanted a blessing. Well I thought to myself that they were to busy. It was not the right time. Like always I got the prompting again. So thinking back to all the stories of these promptings I went ahead and asked her. With the blanket still covering her face she nodded her head yes. So we gave her one. When I started the blessing I didn't know what to say but my hart was filled with love. I can't remember all I said but I remember the tears in her eyes after the blessing. the spirit filled the room and my testimony grew that day. I know what ever I said was what she needed to hear and was from her Heavenly Father. As she continues to put faith in the lord she will be blessed. That is the same for all of us. We need to have faith that the lord will not give us a trial that we can't over come. This investigator shows her faith as she diligently searches in the scriptures and prayers daily. I love this work and I love the people of Alaska. Oh how great my calling is! I love you all and miss you like crazy! One month down here in Alaska. 23 more to go!

-Elder Barney


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! My first Christmas in the mission field was great! It was a tad strange without my family but I got through it. We started our Christmas Day at the mission home where my whole zone went for breakfast and games. That was a blast! My mission president is so good at ping pong! Me and one of the Samoan elders kept him on his toes though haha. That was a lot of fun! It really brought our zone closer together. Our zone is super fun! After the mission home we went to a investor's home to open presents and made ginger bread houses! I opened my Christmas package there. Thanks so much for everything! Thanks for the blanket!!! It is much needed here! It was a lot of fun watching the little kids open their gifts. We shared a Christmas message and then left to go Skype the family.  That was the best part of Christmas! I loved seeing my parents and talking to them and Tyrel. Even though it hasn't been too long I miss you guys a ton! Yes, especially you mom. I am glad to see that everyone had a good Christmas! After we talked to our family we had lunch/more breakfast at the Wagners home. We also Skyped there. There are a awesome crazy family. They have a lot of kids but they are so much fun. After eating there we went and eat some more! We had dinner with sister Boney. She is a single older lady. Since we couldn't be
alone with her and she couldn't find any available males on Christmas we had to eat at the Alaska Worker Association. It was like a pot luck for volunteers. Not going to lie it was a bit strange. Definitely one for the memories. It was nice because we were able to talk to some non members about the church but most of them really didn't want to here anything. So there were about 10 people there. The head lady wanted everyone to sing Christmas carols. So we did. It was the most hilarious thing I have ever heard or was a part of! No one knew any words. Everyone, myself included, was toned deaf. It reminded me of the Christmas story when they go out to the Chinese restaurant and they sing deck the halls. I kept imagining that so I was busting up!
My companion kept nudging me to be quite but i couldn't help it! Super funny! It was a very interesting Christmas dinner! After dinner we went to play board games with some investors. That was also a lot of fun! Oh and a priest that gets out with us a lot got me a packers beanie! It is so awesome! All and all it was a great Christmas!
This week leading up to Christmas was a hard week as no one was home. We were still able to meet with most of our investors. There is one investor who we have on date to be baptized. She is the native lady that gave me fish I my first day. Her name is Sarah. She was going to be baptized this coming Saturday but unfortunately she did not keep some commitments this holiday weekend. We had to push her date back again. It was sad news today. We did have a good talk with her on how she can keep moving forward. I told her that as she puts her trust in the lord he will help her. It so awesome to see these people put their trust in their savior! I love being able to see that each day. I have learned to rely on him more on my mission then ever before! I have already be in situations where there is no way I know what to say. I thought to myself I am only a 18 year old kid. How am I supposed to give marriage advice or teach some one to quit drugs or drinking? I realized I am not the one doing it. I know that I'm just the messenger. The spirt will teach and Christ will help. I know as we put our trust in our savior he will always be there for us. We first have to trust and rely on him. I pray we all remember that this holiday season. Let's make our new year revolutions bring us closer to Christ. Please be safe and have fun this New Years everyone! I miss you all and I really hope to hear from you!

Gifts under the tree

First week in Alaska

Hey everyone!
So one week down in Alaska!! I know everyone wants to know where in
Alaska I am. I'm in the most geto place you can go. I'm in North
Anchorage in a place called Airport Heights aka "Geto Heights." It is
the poorest part of Anchorage. There is a ton of crime and drugs here!
Anchorage is like a normal small city except it's cold and dark! The
sun comes up around 11 and goes down around 3:30. My trainer/companion
is Elder Juarez. He is the only Canadian here haha. He's super smart
and loves sports so that's nice. He actually played pro hockey! Cool

Anyway I love it here! Never seen a more beautiful place in my
life! The people are super nice and feed you good! My first day was
crazy! So my trainer didn't know I was coming that day so he had a
packed schedule that night. So when he picked me up we had 5 lessons
back to back. That was nuts! But my first one was the best! So we went
to this ladies house named Sarah. She is on date to be baptized. She
is a little 60 year old Eskimo women. So we walk in and first thing
Elder Juarez says is that this is my first day. Well Sarah was eating
fish head with her hands. She pulls out an eyeball and says "eat it to
be a true Alaskan." So we had all these native people around us trying
to get me to eat it. So me being me of course I eat it! The taste
wasn't to bad but when I bit down it popped! Ya gross but worth it hahaha!
fish head clip art image search results So by the end of my first day I help teach 5 lessons and eat
one eyeball! Crazy first day!! I already love the people here!
Although a lot of them struggle with drugs and stuff I can see the
saviors atonement working in them everyday. People our so welcoming here at least so far.

 Today for P-day we got special permission to go an hour out of our zone to a Alaska wildlife park! It was sooo awesome!!! The people that took us our professional photographers so I got some awesome pictures! No bears tho:( they are all asleep. There was a wolf, a lot of moose, buffalo, elk, and a ton of great views! I love how beautiful it is here. I don't understand how anyone can not believe in God out here. There is no way a Big Bang created all this beautiful land! Oh and Christmas here is on a new level! They go all out here. Our Christmas is a packed day. I can't wait :) Christmas with some awesome families!! Ya baby! (That's for Bruce) Anyway I hope everyone has a great and safe Christmas. Remember your savior this Christmas! Remember what makes this holiday possible! Remember to celebrate the saviors birth! Love and miss you all! Please send me emails so I can email you. Love to get pictures too! Merry Christmas everyone!

-Elder Barney

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DEC 18th 2015

Tell Tyrel I love him and I'm proud of him. Tell him and Morgan CONGRATS!!!


More Pics from the MTC

doing laundry 

MTC Zone
MTC Companion

Two Elders in MTC Zone, they play Rugby.

Got the tee-shirt now I need to go to Alaska.


What about your flight plans?
Airplane-Clip-Art-Free | lakeavenuechoir
I got my flight plans the other day. We leave for Alaska at 3:30 am Monday morning. We fly to Seattle first then we land in Alaska at noon. I can't wait! I know why i am speaking English, no way can I spend more then two weeks here.

What has been your best part at the MTC or this week?

Best part of the week was Sunday walk to the temple.
LDS Mormon Temple: Provo, Utah www.MormonLink.com #LDS #Mormon # ...It felt like a prison break. Kinda like "Oh fresh air!!" I have learned so much about the gospel and how it can change lives. I leaned that my first investigator is me. I truly love my savior and his gospel. I can't wait to get out of this place and go share it with Alaska. I miss all of you and want everyone email. Oh, and i loved my package and so did everyone else. Another elder here loves the packers so thanks so much for the up date. That is soooo awesome! GO PACK GO!!!   


So have you seen Kelsey?

I just saw her 10 min ago. I see her all the time. She is so awesome to talk to. She is doing so great! She looks sooo happy. I get to say bye to her tonight at dinner.


First week at the MTC / MTC Companion

So I have finished my first week in the MTC. Not going to lie it was probably one of the hardest weeks of my life but at the same time the best. I had a lot of ups and downs. I came to truly love my companion. He is a little different but he has such a big hart! He is from Vegas and is 24 years old. My favorite story about him is one time we were walking out of dinner and I noticed he had some fruit in his pockets and i asked what he was doing. He told me he was going to blend them up.I said i didn't know they had blenders here and he told me that there wasn't he brought one! haahhahah! Yup you read that right! He brought a magic bullet blender! Man I love that guy. Such a goof! Me and him think different but it really started to come together in our lessons these past couple days. Me and my district think different but they are all really nice and mean well. I met some elders in my zone that have been here for three weeks. They left Monday and yesterday. I know that the lord had them here an extra week to help me. No way I could of done it with out them. One of them came like my best friend here at the MTC. Elder Laws, he left for North Dakota at 2am this morning. He is such an awesome guy! He is a cowboy from Ceder City so of course we hit it off. Another one is Elder Whipple. He LOVES to push buttons so naturally we hit it off too. Of course we almost came to blows at some points but he is a great friend. He left for Chicago Monday morning. I will truly miss those Elders! They reminded me of my friends from home!