January 18, 2016

Hey everyone!
So this week was great!! We got another investor on date to be
baptized! Super excited for that on February 20th! I wish it was
sooner but she wanted it further out. She is definitely a character.
She was a referral from the sisters in another district. She is
battling with smoking, drinking, and some drugs. The other day when we
asked her if she wanted to be baptized she told us she did something
bad. She told us she felt really bad because she smoked. So I told her
that she can work on it and she can still be baptized and stuff. Then
she said "ya it was only a little bit of crack." My eyes almost popped
out of my head! I was like wait what?! So needless to say our next
lesson is on the word of wisdom haha. I hope she keeps her commitments
it's so great to see investigators keep their commitments! You can
truly see them put their trust in the lord.

So for P-day we went ice fishing with one of my favorite families! The
Zvirzidens. They are the nicest! Last night we played board games and
ping pong and eat some awesome dinner! So this morning we went to
their house ready for ice fishing and they surprised us with
breakfast. It was so great! Ice fishing was super fun and cold! I
caught 2 fishes!!! They were small but it counts! We also we went ice
skating on the lake. I realized that is not my talent. Loved it!

-Elder Barney

                                   Just sitting on my Bucket waiting for the fish to bite                                                

I caught one!!

Ice skating is for the the talent ones.

How do I get back to the shore line?????
That's me in this big beautiful place.