January 11, 2016

Hey everyone!
This week in Alaska had some ups and downs. We had a good training this week with the area 70. I learned a ton listening to him! I love those training's. I learn a ton from them. One thing we learned is that we need to teach people that our ready to hear our message. It caused us to have some talks with our investigators who were not progressing. One of them we talked with was scheduled to be baptized on the 16th. We had to push her baptism 4 times now for word of wisdom issues. So we told her we can't keep pushing it. We gave her this last chance and she seemed really determined. Both me and my companion thought she would do it. She lasted 4 days. Unfortunately we had to move on to investigators who will keep their commitments. That was a big downer this week. I really thought that she would do it but she is just not ready. That same day we found out that she smoked.

Friday night and Saturday day I was very sick. I had the flu. Not fun but I am feeling much better. Also this morning we started our laundry for P-Day and our washing machine broke and flooded our washing room and kitchen. Crazy morning but they fixed it. We get a new washer in 3 weeks. and have to have this loud fan running for a long time in our apartment.
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But this week wasn't all bad. I got to catch a glimpse of the packer game and we were at the hospital giving a blessing. I got to see the Packers score! That was a little treat!

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Oh and I had a great experience this week. So on Friday during dinner week get these texts that all of appointments canceled and also our back ups. So after dinner we didn't know where to go. I was not feeling to good and we already saw everyone we could go see. So as we were driving I told my companion to pull over. So he did. I said lets pray and see what we feel. So we did. My companion asked me after if i felt where we should go. I didn't but luckily he did. He said let's go to Mary's. Mary is less active who's last discussion with us didn't go so well. But we followed the prompting and went. She let us in and we started talking. She told us how she was going to go out that night but had a thought not to. She even had a thought that we would drop by. We told her what happen and how we felt prompted to go there. She broke down in tears and the spirit filled the room. She told us how she was having a hard time finding peace. I honestly didn't know what to say but as i opened my mouth words came out. The spirit was so strong. As we talked to her my companion felt to invite her to church. So he did. She said she would go. We didn't see her Sunday but i know that whatever we said she needed to hear. I know the spirit worked through us that night. It was so great to see the Lords and in our work. I feel so lucky to do this great work. i get to see these type of things everyday. Sometimes those moments are hard to see. They don't always happen like that but when we look for God's hand in our life each day it is amazing to see the blessings. I invite all of you to try to do that especially on those hard times. I love you and miss you all so very much. Stay safe and have a good week!

-Elder Barney