First week at the MTC / MTC Companion

So I have finished my first week in the MTC. Not going to lie it was probably one of the hardest weeks of my life but at the same time the best. I had a lot of ups and downs. I came to truly love my companion. He is a little different but he has such a big hart! He is from Vegas and is 24 years old. My favorite story about him is one time we were walking out of dinner and I noticed he had some fruit in his pockets and i asked what he was doing. He told me he was going to blend them up.I said i didn't know they had blenders here and he told me that there wasn't he brought one! haahhahah! Yup you read that right! He brought a magic bullet blender! Man I love that guy. Such a goof! Me and him think different but it really started to come together in our lessons these past couple days. Me and my district think different but they are all really nice and mean well. I met some elders in my zone that have been here for three weeks. They left Monday and yesterday. I know that the lord had them here an extra week to help me. No way I could of done it with out them. One of them came like my best friend here at the MTC. Elder Laws, he left for North Dakota at 2am this morning. He is such an awesome guy! He is a cowboy from Ceder City so of course we hit it off. Another one is Elder Whipple. He LOVES to push buttons so naturally we hit it off too. Of course we almost came to blows at some points but he is a great friend. He left for Chicago Monday morning. I will truly miss those Elders! They reminded me of my friends from home!