January 25, 2016\

Hey everyone!

So first of all I am safe! Yes we had a 7.3 earthquake in Alaska and yes I definitely felt it! I was sleeping and I heard my companion yell "Barney!" I woke up in panic of course. Then I noticed everything was shaking. Yes I was scared. I never felt anything like that! We are on the 3rd floor and the whole building started to day back and forth. I thought it was going down but it was all okay. It was a little hard to sleep after that. It all happened around 1:30am. It was definitely one for the journal!

After the Earth Quake did you do something fun for P-Day?

So for P-Day today we took a hike to the Pacific Ocean! Ya I touched
the ocean! That was awesome! It was a great hike and had so many great
views! We played frisbee on the ocean too because it was frozen. I
feel like not to many people can say that! I'm part of a select group!
Haha it was a really fun P-Day activity with my distract.

This week I have been reminded how important it is to be obedient. I
can see that when we are obedient to our Heavenly Father blessings
come and when we are not they stop. There was no big example that I
can give about obedience this week but I can see the difference in our
work as missionaries. One of the biggest things I have learned on my
mission so far is to always act on a prompting. We get prompting to
call or visit someone all the time. When we act on those I always see
why we got that prompting. Thank you all for your prayers! I feel them
each and everyday! Love you and miss you guys so very much!

-Elder Barney

It goes on, and on, and on.  It never stops 

                                                                 Little me in the WIDE open space