Hey everyone!
Before I say anything I saw my first moose in Alaska! We were driving
to one of our appointments and saw a mama moose and her calf! Of
course me being me I wanted to feed it. So I too, this plate of
cookies someone gave us and put it between the mama and the calf. BAD
IDEA! Mama moose don't like that!!! It chased me but I made it into
the truck in time! I was sooo scared! We will put that down as a dumb

Giving a plate of cookies to a Moose? BAD IDEA 

Hope everyone had a good week this week. Our week was a little rough.
Everyone always told me that I would have hard times on my mission and
I never believed them until this week. Although there was some hard
times I can see the tender mercies of the lord still on our work.
Every time something went wrong there was always a tender mercy to
follow it. One of those tender mercies is one of our investors Teresa.
She is this awesome native lady who is so funny! She has been taking
the lesson for about 3 months now. The Elders before us tracted into
her one day. She was loved in Utah for awhile so she new them
instantly. When she started to meet with them 3 months a go she smoked
2 packs a day and was drunk every night. Now today she has been two
weeks clean from all of that! When I first got here she was doing 3
cigarettes a day. Little by little and week by week she lessened the
amount. The other day when me and Elder Juarez were feeling down
,because of our bad week, she surprised us when she read a whole
chapter of the Book of Mormon! She said as she started to read the
chapter we have her she couldn't put it down and read another chapter
as well. She said she prayed about the Book of Mormon that night and
when she woke up every time she wanted to smoke she wanted to throw
up. Tender mercies of the Lord right there! Her example made me think
that I need to put more trust in the Lord. When things are not going
your way there are always those tender mercies! You just have to look
for them.
Oh by they way one transfer down! Can't believe I survived my first
transfer! Time flys! I hope everyone has a safe week this week!

-Elder Barney
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Obi One Trace
We didn't know he was going to Alaska to become a Jedi