Feb 29, 2016

Hey everyone!
So this week a bit lame. I hurt my knee on Tuesday and had to be home
bound for the rest of the week. There is nothing more boring then
being home bound as a missionary!!! On the plus side i got really good
at Monopoly. Elder Juarez and I played that game like no tomorrow!
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Although I was bedridden there still was some exciting things. We got a hold of our investigator who was baptized last week and took off. We were trying to get a hold of her for the longest time! Finally when we called she answered! We met with her and she told us how she was embarrassed how the baptism went down and had to get away for her sister. So she spent the night at a friend's house and slept in that Sunday and felt bad so she didn't contact us. On the bright side she stayed clean the whole time. We got the go ahead to confirm her a member on Sunday. That was amazing to witness that and to stand in the circle. You can just see the change in her as she received the Holy Ghost. That moment reminded me just how lucky I am to be here serving the lord and get to see the Atonement work in its fullest each and everyday.

That was the highlight of my week! I did do some other stuff. I was
cleared to go OYMing (open your mouth) on Saturday. Here in Anchorage
they had this thing this weekend called the fur rendezvous. They sell
a lot of cool fur there and they had an outhouse race! Alaska at its
finest! There was A TON of people there! So we walked around and
talked to people and handed out some Book of Mormons. There are some
serious weirdos in the world but there were also some super nice
people! Good time spreading the word.

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OK that is the kind of Moose you can get close to!