Hey everyone!
Hope everyone enjoyed their week! I know Brother Garrard is over the
moon with his team winning the super bowl! All the missionaries kept
telling me that you can't do anything on super bowl Sunday as a
missionary. I never realized how much of a ghost town it can be when
the super bowl was on. No one wanted to let us in while the game was
on. It was crazy.

So this week definitely had its struggles but at the same time was one
of my favorite weeks here! I learned that God will make you strong as
long as you do your part in trying. There were times that I would
think that I am only an 18 year old kid and here I am trying to
comfort these grown adults who have challenges that I never even seen
someone go through before. I quickly learned that I am not the one who
is comforting them but the spirit is. I'm only the messenger and the
messenger doesn't have to be perfect. I also learned that God has a
plan. We need to trust in him. Only then can he mold us into who he
wants us to become. I learned a lot this past week which is why it is
one of my favorite weeks! Thank you all for you many prayers! Us
missionaries definitely feel them everyday! Hope you all have a good

P.S. The picture is the priests and ward mission leader. The other is
an investigator we teach at Burger King with a family from the ward.

-Elder Barney
Great group of young men 

Now we know why so many Burger King
 charges on his check card.