Hey everyone!
So this week was a cool week here in Alaska! It was the Iditarod this weekend! That's where the do the big dog sled race! They had a lot of fairs and stuff here. We were able to do service for the opening ceremony. It was super neat to see all those dogs! They run FAST!
There were people from all around the world here for it. They had a big snow track going through Anchorage and our job was to keep it smooth. It was really cool. They had other cool stuff this week too. Last P-day we went to the snow statues. That was fun! To get there we had to walk down this giant hill of ice. It was funny watching everyone wipe out myself included hahahah. Also after the Iditarod they had the rain deer run. Me and my companion wanted to run with them but
we showed up late. It was really funny watching everyone dress up and run from the reindeer. Funny!! Those were the cool events I was able to see.

Also this week we have seen our investigators make great progress!
It's so great to see the changes they make in there life. Atonement is real! Love and miss you guys a ton! Hope all is well!

- Elder Barney

Keeping it SMOOTH!!!
This is Alaska "Baby"

They do it BIG in ALASKA