Hey everyone!
Hope you all had a great week! This week in Alaska was a little
slower. The best part was one of our investigators got married!! So
they should be baptized on the 26th. They are an awesome family who's ready for the gospel! Some other things that happened is that we took our recent convert Teresa, to the family history center. It was awkward! She liked that she was able to do stuff with getting her daughter ready to go to the temple but hated the people working in the family history center. She snapped at them and then it got super awkward! Hard to change the mood after that. Also this week we went tracking in a neighborhood and we saved it from falling into Apostasy.
There were some Jehovah witness palettes placed in the doors so we took them haha. Any way that was the highlights of our week. Another great week serving the Lord! Something I heard this week that I love is: "don't let the world define who you are." I love that! It's a great.. reminder that we should only care what God thinks of us. 

Group of Missionaries after Service Project Last Week

Moose crossing the highway 
Love you all!
Have a safe week!

-Elder Barney