Hey everyone!

So this last week had some exciting events, but before I get to that. We had transfer calls this week. I am staying in this area and getting a new Elder who is flying in from the North Pole.
 My companion is going to Soldotna as zone leader. I am excited for my new companion
and can't wait to get to work! I am thankful for my trainer. He taught me a lot. 
So for the exciting events, first I will start from last p-day. We went hiking flattop for a zone activity. It was a good exercise for out of shape missionaries! There were some serious
sketchy parts but we made it.  There was one part that was a skinny ledge
that was only big enough for half a foot covered in ice. It got my
heart pumping haha. Once we made it to the top it was sooo beautiful. I will have to send the pictures later because it's on my camera. It was Alaska at it finest. So the final summit to the top is straight up and rocky with snow. On the other side it's just snow straight down. Well because it was so steep to walk down we had the "bright" idea to slide down! I watched 3 missionaries go first. They tumbled down this mountain one after another. So of course I had to try it! So 4 of us linked arms and jumped!
This is the hill we went down.
 From the very top to the bottom where the people are standing.
 We instantly tumbled down the mountain side. All I could see is white! And all I could hear is screaming! I stopped by running into another missionary. We hit speeds up to 40 mph! It was
sooooo scary! It was for sure the most dangerous thing I have ever done but, what a better chance to do something dangerous when you have the Lord constantly on your side!?
 Let's just say we were all sore the next morning!
 So that was the funnest part of my week!

The other part of my week was we had a wedding reception for one of
our investigators who is getting baptized this Saturday. It started out not to good. We set up and no one was there. Ward members started
to show up about an hour late. Only about 3 friends of theirs came. We were expecting 40 to 60. The people who were suppose to bring food never showed up. So it started to turn out to be worst-case scenario.
It started to get better when more of the ward showed up. It started out bad but ended really fun. Even some of their friends came as you can see in the pictures. That was definitely one for the journal. Lots of those moments in this area.
 I am excited to see this family get baptized. They have all come so far! They are a great example on how the lord can change hearts! I love this family and I can't wait for Saturday when they are baptized! Well I hope you all had a great week and remember the lord on Easter!!!

-Elder Barney