First week in Alaska

Hey everyone!
So one week down in Alaska!! I know everyone wants to know where in
Alaska I am. I'm in the most geto place you can go. I'm in North
Anchorage in a place called Airport Heights aka "Geto Heights." It is
the poorest part of Anchorage. There is a ton of crime and drugs here!
Anchorage is like a normal small city except it's cold and dark! The
sun comes up around 11 and goes down around 3:30. My trainer/companion
is Elder Juarez. He is the only Canadian here haha. He's super smart
and loves sports so that's nice. He actually played pro hockey! Cool

Anyway I love it here! Never seen a more beautiful place in my
life! The people are super nice and feed you good! My first day was
crazy! So my trainer didn't know I was coming that day so he had a
packed schedule that night. So when he picked me up we had 5 lessons
back to back. That was nuts! But my first one was the best! So we went
to this ladies house named Sarah. She is on date to be baptized. She
is a little 60 year old Eskimo women. So we walk in and first thing
Elder Juarez says is that this is my first day. Well Sarah was eating
fish head with her hands. She pulls out an eyeball and says "eat it to
be a true Alaskan." So we had all these native people around us trying
to get me to eat it. So me being me of course I eat it! The taste
wasn't to bad but when I bit down it popped! Ya gross but worth it hahaha!
fish head clip art image search results So by the end of my first day I help teach 5 lessons and eat
one eyeball! Crazy first day!! I already love the people here!
Although a lot of them struggle with drugs and stuff I can see the
saviors atonement working in them everyday. People our so welcoming here at least so far.

 Today for P-day we got special permission to go an hour out of our zone to a Alaska wildlife park! It was sooo awesome!!! The people that took us our professional photographers so I got some awesome pictures! No bears tho:( they are all asleep. There was a wolf, a lot of moose, buffalo, elk, and a ton of great views! I love how beautiful it is here. I don't understand how anyone can not believe in God out here. There is no way a Big Bang created all this beautiful land! Oh and Christmas here is on a new level! They go all out here. Our Christmas is a packed day. I can't wait :) Christmas with some awesome families!! Ya baby! (That's for Bruce) Anyway I hope everyone has a great and safe Christmas. Remember your savior this Christmas! Remember what makes this holiday possible! Remember to celebrate the saviors birth! Love and miss you all! Please send me emails so I can email you. Love to get pictures too! Merry Christmas everyone!

-Elder Barney