Hey everyone!

What a great week here in the great state of Alaska! We have seen a ton of miracles this week!
Great Outdoors of Alaska
 First we were able to actually be in a real live district meeting instead of over Skype which was just awesome! It is really different on a IPad then in person. So that was a great start to our week! Later we were able to teach some investigators we have been trying to get a hold of for a while. It was so awesome because they are both so elect! One lady we are teaching is so ready and prepared! She just has a few concerns but it was so awesome in our lesson to be lead by the spirit on what to say and what to share! I think one of the best feelings on this earth is when you are listening to some ones problems and something just pops in your mind like a scripture and it turns out to be just what they needed to hear. It is amazing to know that God used you as a tool to help someone else! Love helping others!

So the rest of the week was pretty sweet but the coolest day was Sunday! We were able to go to a branch conference in Tok. We just went down for the meeting. Some changes are happening because their Branch President is moving and they meet in his house. So now the question is where do the meet. The Stake President came down and talked about it and kinda seems like they are still trying to figure it out. It will be interesting what happens. All the members there are just so awesome so I pray it will work out some how. There is only about 10 to 15 members in the branch so we will see. The big miracle that happened is there was actually investigators there at church in Tok! What the heck!? 
Tok Alaska Where Miracles Happen
In little old tiny Tok!? Comes to show the Lords hand is in the work EVERYWHERE. 
We were able to pull a tiny Sunday school class together in one of the bedrooms and taught the restoration. The spirit was strong and they both want to learn more! So hopefully we can set something up and go back to teach them. It will be pretty crazy because we might be teaching over Skype or something. That will be interesting. It was just such a testimony builder to me that the Lord truly has his hand in HIS work. I know he  prepared those people and it worked perfect that we happen to be there that Sunday.       


I just wanted to tell you all thank you so much for your love and
support! It really means a lot when I read your emails and letters of
support. Thanks for your love! Also I wanted to say thank you to my
grandparents for all they do for me!!
Thanks Grandpa & Nana 

Well got to get going. Fish are biting!! ;)
Elder Barney