Hello there friends and family!

Hope you all had a great week! This was another awesome week up North!
We were lucky enough to travel to Fairbanks! Besides the 2 hour long car ride 
it was a blast!  We went up for a trainer trainee meeting for all the new missionaries
 and their trainers. It was awesome because we usually set up our iPad and Skype 
into Anchorage but this time it was in person 
Another Beautiful Day in Delta Junction
in Fairbanks. President Robinson and his wife and also the AP's came up for the meeting. I learned a lot and love going to those. We had interviews with President Robinson this week which was cool. We were able to talk about the work and how we can improve as missionaries in our Christlike attributes. So latter on this week we had some great lessons with some awesome investigators. One of our new investigators we met with after about a week and a half, so we asked her where she was in the Book of Mormon and she said Alma 48!!!! Holy cow that's like half the book!! We were pretty surprised to say the least! We are really
 excited  to continue to teach her.
 Hopefully she will have a baptism date here soon.

On Sunday I had a pretty cool experience with the Holy Ghost. We were
sitting in sacrament meeting getting ready to partake of the sacrament
when I got a strong prompting to get up and leave church to go see
this potential investigator. I shrugged it of because we were in
church and I was asked to give the closing prayer. After the sacrament
the youth speaker got up to give his talk and of course it was on
following the promptings of the spirit. So after that I stood right up
and grabbed my companion and started to walk out. We went to see them
but they weren't home. I was confused on why I had this strong
prompting to go to this persons house and they weren't even home.
After telling this to my companion it dawned on me when he said maybe
it was so we could speak to that guy that we talked to on the walk
home. We were walking back to our truck to see that investigator and
we stopped and talked to our neighbor who we always wave to but never
have talked to. He told us that missionaries always try talking to him
but he wasn't interested so we offered to help him chop up some wood
and he was taken back. He was very impressed that we would do that and
said he would take us up on that. I don't know if that will work out
or not. It wasn't a crazy awesome ending but as soon as my companion
said that to me I felt the biggest since of peace like I did the
right thing. I don't know what the outcome will be but i sure I'm glad
that I followed the prompting to get up and do what the Lord asked.
Hope you all have a great week and stay safe! Love you all!

- Elder Barney