Hey everyone!

What a week it has been!!! I really do hope you all had as an awesome
week as I had! We saw sooo many miracles this week! Oh man I first
have to tell everyone the coolest thing of all time!! I SAW THE NORTHERN LIGHTS!!!!!
Ya you read that right the Northern Lights! So we were in Fairbanks for Zone Meeting staying with the Zone Leaders when in the middle of the night I get woken up by Elder Davis telling me I have to go outside. So we went out and we could barely see them. We sat there really excited because even though they were faint it was better then nothing. Then out of the middle of now where, right when we were taking pictures, the sky just exploded with the Northern Lights! It was bright green, pink, white, and purple! We all just dropped out cameras and jaws and just stared! It was so amazing!
 All 4 of us just sat there dead quite staring at the most beautiful thing ever!!! It was so bright it lit up everything!! I'm so sorry I didn't get any awesome pictures of that for you guys, I was just in to much shock! As it was quite one of my Zone Leaders said something very profound.
He said, "I can't believe anyone can see this and not believe in God." That is sooo true! God is so amazing! He has created the most beautiful sights to see on this Earth! It was just a tender mercy to be able to see the Northern Lights this week!

We saw so many other blessings as well. Earlier this week we went to a dinner when I felt prompted to knock on three doors we previously knocked on that didn't answer. So the first door we knock on this lady answers and starts laughing at us. We were pretty confused. Then she stopped and smiled and said "I'm Mormon I'm Mormon!" She told us how she just moved up here a couple months ago from Idaho and how she has been less active for a long time, but 2 days prior she was just talking to her sister saying she wanted to contact some Mormon Missionaries to come over. How crazy is that!? We set up an appointment and came back the next day. At the appointment we taught one of her friends the first lesson and he was super interested! Now we are going back for family home evening tonight! How awesome is that!? Man God works some great miracles. Okay one more miracle!
So we were talking to this less active and asked her for some referrals and she gave us this name and address of a lady she met the other day who she thinks would "make a good Mormon." So we went and stopped by and the lady laughed at us too! Turns out that she is also Mormon and less active from Idaho as well! And actually her 9 year old son just took the missionary lessons in Idaho and got baptized a month ago. They didn't think that there was a church all the way out here. So now we are helping them move in and getting them set up with the Ward! They are so awesome! Man what great things the Lord does just amazes me! I
love this work!

Also we got transfer calls this week. Since I am training we will both
be staying. 6 months in Delta Junction! Bring it on!

-Elder Barney