Hey there friends and family!

Seems like the weeks are getting shorter and shorter! This week flew by! We had a very awesome week! Last P-day we went to go on a hike but we got lost but we did see a lot of cool sights.  We came acros the famous Alaska Pipe Line!  That was pretty cool. 

So last P-day was pretty fun. This P-day we are going to Fairbanks because we have Zone Conference tomorrow so we just decided to head up today. I'm pretty excited to go see other missionaries! It can get kinda boring after you have done everything Delta has to offer twice haha. So this P-day should be pretty fun!

Anyway this week we had some awesome lessons! We have been meeting with one of those families from Idaho. They are 2 sisters who have a bunch of kids they are raising together. They are really cool. It was so awesome because they came to church Sunday!!! I was so pumped to see them. It was quite the sacrifice because one of them is a Packers fan and they were playing during church. She almost didn't go but I told her if I could miss the game so could she. It was so funny because every time the was a quiet moment she leaned over and told me updates from her phone haha. They both loved church and so did their kids. On top of that Sunday we had some other investigators come to church too! We have been teaching them forever and they finally committed to coming!  I was a little nervous because one of them was raised southern baptist
and I've learned on my mission pretty quick that they are not to fond of Mormons 
All went well though. Her and her Aunt both came and seemed to love it. They answered questions and gave great impute so it was a great Sunday. It was pretty crazy because we haven't had investigators at church for over a month and a half. It has been a struggle getting people there but this week we had a ton of new faces! We were expected at least 6 that told us a definite yes and we even met with all of them the day before to remind them. We were pretty excited. We were telling our Ward Council and everyone that there is going to be lots of people so be ready. As we were waiting at the door no one was showing up and sacrament was starting. I started to have a lack of faith and got frustrated, then out of no where in walked the investigators.
So then I quickly repented and then in walked the sister family. Man prayer works!
Awesome miracles this week.

So we did have a crazy part of the week. We were helping one of our
investigators take down a tree and it was awesome. I never done that before so it was pretty sweet taking down a huge tree! Then we went and totally destroyed this tree house he wanted taken down with a hammer and crowbar. It was a lot of fun! Anyway that was my exciting week!
Hope you all have a great week! Thanks for your emails and stay safe!

-Elder Barney