Hey guys!

So it's been a pretty good week. Not much happened but things are
good. We have been working hard here and have seen some good things
start up. The weather is getting way nice which is super big blessing.
Never thought I would be wearing a short sleeve at 30 degrees but hey
when it's been -20's it's not bad. Oh we did have something awesome
happen we heard from Nina who got baptized just a couple weeks ago and
she is going to the temple in Vancouver to do baptisms for the dead.
That is super exciting because she is also taking her grandmothers
name with her to the temple. Larry is doing really great as well. He just
got a calling as a ward missionary and we are teaching his wife a
little now. Please keep Donna in your prayers. She is super close but
just needs some help. Well that's about all the news this week!

Hope you all have a good Easter!
-Elder Barney