Hey everyone!
Hope you all had a great week this week! It was a great one up here in
Alaska. The sun is shining and it feels great! We have been trying
to focus on talking to everyone, so we were able to bike one day. It
was awesome! We were able to talk to so many people! A lot of humble
people in this area. There are some funny things that happen when you
go biking as a missionary. We got yelled at because we didn't have any
sandwiches with us haha. Non the less it was still fun. Also this week
we were able to do a lot of service for people. It was great to get
out and do something nice for people. We racked a ton of leafs! So one
of the best experience we had this week came from walking around
talking to people. This one guy we were talking to about the plan of
salvation was telling us about how hard his life has been. He has been
beaten in his home country and homeless and has been driven out by wars.
He told us that God doesn't love him. At that moment all I felt was
nothing but love. Fighting back tears my companion and I testified to
him in the name of Christ that God does know and love him. I know that
he felt that love, it was undeniable. I know that God loves these
people and loves each and every person. I love this work and I love
God and I know he loves you! Remember that this week. He knows you and
I promise he cares for you. I love you all and hope you all have a
great week!
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Elder Barney