Hey everyone!
Wow this week went by soooo fast! It was such a great week! We were able to work hard and have a good time doing it! We had zone
conference this week which was great. It was super motivational to get all those training's on how to be a better missionary. I learned so much it would be to long to write. But one thing I learned that has been on my mind a lot is desire. How bad do we want things. As missionary your desire is what gets you up in the morning. I asked myself this week what is my desire? Is it to teach repentance and baptize converts or is it to have fun and hang out? I know what my desire truly is. Desire is connected with how hard your working. The training put it like how bad kids want candy after a pinata is busted open. 
 They will dog pile for candy.  That's a true desire right there! Also this week I had the privilege to give one of our new recent convert the priesthood. It was so awesome and the spirit was so strong!! It is so great to see the priesthood in that family now. Love this great work! Well it looks like I am out of time so I hope you all have a great week and stay safe! 

Love you guys!
-Elder Barney