Hey everyone!

Well I did get transferred. I am going North to Delta Junction. Map from Anchorage, AK to Delta Junction, AK

You will have to look it up on google maps! It is a really tiny town about
an hour from the North Pole. It is super bush (what I Alaskans say for
middle of no where)! I will tell you more what it is like next week. I
fly up there on Wednesday. I am so excited! True Alaskan experience! I
can't wait to go serve the people up there. I truly believe everyone
gets called to a certain area for a reason. I can't wait to go work
hard to find my reason. Although I am very excited I am also very sad,
weird I know. The ward I'm in now feels like home. The ward here has
helped me sooooo much! They are some of the nicest people I have ever
met! I will miss dearly all the people I was able to teach here. It's
so amazing to see people use the Atonement fully in their life. The
change the gospel makes in people's life is mind boggling to me. The
Poole family that was baptized just last month is the standing example
of that. They are happier and you just feel the difference by walking
into their home. By teaching so many amazing people here I realized
that missionaries really don't do much. All we do is tell the people
the truth and the Holy Ghost does everything else. I have had so many
powerful experiences here that I will never forget. I'm am very
grateful for the time I had to serve here. The people in this area
will always have a special place in my heart. I will miss the ward so
much. Not only because they feed us like kings and get me super fat
but because they are amazing people.

-Elder Barney

The picture of the food is last nights left overs haha.

Shout out to all my favorite families in the Airport Heights Ward! Love ya guys!

Poole Family