Hello Everyone!!!

I hope all the mothers had a great Mother's Day! It was great to talk to my family. Feels like forever haha. So this was my first week in Delta Junction. It is super awesome up here. Although it is super super small it is still awesome. The ward up here is great and everyone is super nice. It is sooooo green up here! I can't believe the green! If you go up on a hill and look out all you see is green pine trees for days! Beautiful up here! So the people that don't live in town are like the Alaska bush people you see on tv and yes we do teach some of them. There are times we are driving down a long dirt road to a members house or investigators and we see a random house in the middle of no where, so of course we knock on the door. We definitely meet some interesting and fun people! We do have to be careful we don't get lost in any of the back roads up here! This is such a fun area, we are about 2 hours from any missionaries so for pdays we just go check out Delta and hang out. 
Also there is only one grocery store in town and it cost an arm and a leg for anything! A gallon of milk is like 6 bucks here! We do get to go to Fairbanks for a day for a meeting so we will probably have to get some stuff there. We also are going to a small small town called Tok this transfer. We will have to stay a few days there. Crazy stuff! So excited for this new area. I know that being far a way from everyone obedience will play a huge rule in our success as missionaries. I have already seen the blessing in just the few short days I been here!

I just wanted to say thank you to all the amazing mothers out there!
As a missionary I realized how much my own mother is like the mothers  
of the stripling warriors. I love you mom and I love you grandma!
Happy Mother's Day! Love you!

-Elder Barney

Oh my HECK I'm in the wilderness

Great they are FRIENDLY