Hey everyone,

So this week was awesome! We were able to go to Tok for the weekend!
It was about a two hour drive but was totally worth it! One of the
best parts was the cabin we were able to stay in. A member runs B&B
down there and let's us stay in it when we come down. It felt like a
mini missionary vacation staying in a B&B. They had a wood stove in there! Although it wasn't very cold I had to start it up just to say I did haha.

 The families are so nice down there. They don't get much
visitors so when they do it is very exciting for them haha. The Branch meets and the Branch Presidents house. There was probably a total of 10 members there. Small in numbers but are strong in faith! Nicest people you will ever meet! Tok is a small town with houses very spread out. We were able to visit with a lot of people. We were also able to knock on some doors down there. People seem quit surprised when they
heard a knock on the door. They don't get to many visitors randomly knocking on their door in the middle of no where. I think everyone there owns a minimum of 6 dogs haha. We call all those dogs the Alaska doorbell. They had some small shops there and one restaurant that wasn't half bad. It was like a smaller Delta Junction which I didn't think existed. Everyone there as some type of farm animal. We were
able to check out a members goat pin and hold some baby goats. That was cool.
So as we were leaving Tok Elder Dalin and I decided to stop
by a small native village which is on the way out. It was super cool. It seemed like a small neighbor then a village. We sure did stand out
with our white shirts and ties. The village was called Tanacross. Nice
people there. Tok is surrounded by beautiful nature! The drive down
was the coolest thing ever! Never seen more green in my life! Safe to
say Tok was the highlight of my week! Love you guys and hope you all
have a great week!

-Elder Barney

Driving to Tok

This is the scenery driving to Tok