Hey everyone,

Wow what a great week it was! We had such amazing week filled with
blessings from the Lord. First off, we committed one of our
investigators we have been working with for a few weeks to baptism! It
was a happy and sad lesson. Although we committed him to baptism him
and his family moved to Fairbanks that very night. It's all okay
though because he is going to be meeting with missionaries up there
and we actually get to go to a lesson with them next week. So that was
a huge blessing that he has excepted the invitation to be baptized!
Also this week we have seen some awesome blessings with finding people.
One of them came when we were tracting. So in Delta Junction everyone
lives off these small dirt roads which makes finding a place to park
very hard. So the other day we parked at what seemed like a good spot
by the end of someones driveway. After we were done tracting the street
we were walking back to our truck and noticed in the distance someone
looking in our truck! So we hustled back and noticed it was a lady who
lived at the house we parked by. We didn't knock on her door because
of all the scary no trespassing signs but for some reason we still
thought it would be fine to park there haha. The only thing in my mind
when we came walking up is that we were in some trouble but some how
at the end of the conversation we gave her a Book of Mormon and had a
return appointment. I honestly can't explain how that all happened.
One moment I thought she was going to yell at us and the next we are
teaching her about Lehi. Lord works in mysterious ways haha. This week
has been filled with blessings such as that. We were also able to have
exchanges this week. Because how far away our area is from Fairbanks
the District Leader and one of the Zone Leaders come down for one epic
day in Delta Junction! It was fun as I was able to go on
splits/exchanges with my zone leader Elder Palmer. It was a real fun
time having those elders come down for a good day of missionary work.
I noticed with being far away from missionaries I am so excited when I
see other missionaries! We also went up to Salcha for district meeting
and it was a blast!! Doing meetings on Skype is pretty weird. It cuts
out a lot and we miss a lot of what is going on so it is nice when we
get to go in person.

I hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend! Everyone has left
for camping and everything is closed today here in Delta Junction so
it will be a slow relaxing P-day for us! Love you guys!

Elder Barney

                P.S. These are my new wooden proselyting shoes ;)