Hello everybody!

Happy (late) Fathers Day to all the fathers! I really wish
missionaries were able to call home on Father's Day as well but
unfortunately we are not. I hope everyone had a great week and a
awesome Father's Day weekend! Up here everyone was doing something fun
this weekend. Made missionary work a little slower on the weekend.
This past week was a great week and last Monday was so awesome! The
North Pole is really cool. It honestly reminds me of a small Tooele
but covered in Christmas decorations all year round. We went to
Santa's house but no Santa! I guess Santa is a missionary because he
takes Monday's off haha! I was able to sit in his chair! No joke the    
real Santa's chair in the real North Pole! How stinking awesome is
that!? Anyway the rest of Santa's House is a giant gift store where
everything cost an arm and a leg but what else do you expect in a gift
store. One guy who was on vacation there spent 5,000 dollars in that
shop! That is insane! So anyway that was super cool place but we were
able to go to another awesome place in Fairbanks. There is this
vintage car museum which is the largest collection in Alaska. Oh man
that was just super cool to go check out! We were able sit in one of
the cars and take some pictures. What a really good time! After that
we went and played sports with other missionaries which I don't get to
do very often since we never see them on a Pday. On our way back we
stopped off to take a picture with the "North Pole", yes the real
legit North Pole. I feel so lucky to serve in such an awesome mission!
After our North Pole adventure last week we are now heading to Tok
today. We will drive down there and spend our Pday checking out all
Tok has to offer, which is really only one store and lost of wildlife.
It should still be a fun time! I will have to let you know how that
all goes next week.
Oh and it is the longest day of the year today! Sun does not go down
at all today. It is super weird!
Just wanted to tell my Dad Happy Father's Day! I am so grateful to my
Father in Heaven who has blessed me with a such an amazing father on
earth! On my mission a lot of lessons my father taught me are now more
fully sinking in. I love you dad! Thanks for everything you do! Again
Happy Father's Day to all the fathers put there!

-Elder Barney

Elder Dalin (companion) and Elder Barney
Super Missionary

Lucky sitting in Santa's chair
What a Great Looking Group

Great Car