Hello everyone!

Hope you all had a great week! This week here in Alaska was a fun one. We traveled a lot this week. We drove to Fairbanks on Thursday and had a hand off lesson with some of the Elders up there. Then we spent the night with our awesome Zone Leaders and had Zone meeting the next day. Zone Meeting was a lot of fun and I learned a lot, like every zone meeting. Fairbanks was a great time. On our way back to Delta Junction we stopped off to have interviews with our President in North Pole.  Yes there is a North Pole in Alaska and yes Santa's house is there. It's a cool place. All the light poles are candy canes. Its pretty legit. I haven't been there to often but we are planing on going up for a pday next week so that will be fun! All and all that trip was awesome and a lot of driving but  I don't mind  because Alaska is so beautiful. That was definitely the highlight  of my week!
 Oh and also I hit my 6 month mark this week! It is really crazy to think it has been half a year! It truly feels like yesterday I gave my farewell. Time flys when you are serving the Lord! These past 6 months have been the most challenging but best months of my life! I have made so many great memories and have truly felt such love for the people here. I have gotten to truly know my savior and come to love him and his work with all my heart. I have seen how he has truly blessed mine and others lives. I love my mission so far and am excited to have a year and a half more to serve! I love you all! Thank you all for the support and prayers! Have a great week!

 -Elder Barney
Zone in Anchorage / Delta Junction Area