Hey everyone,

This week was a really great week! First Tok was awesome! We went down
last pday so I was able to go fishing! It was a dream come true to
fish in Alaska! I caught a pike about 2 1/2 feet long and good size
grayling! We went with the awesome Berg family there! We cooked up the
grayling in the fire and the pike is in the freezer for tomorrow
night. The pike was the biggest fish I think I have ever caught so
that was so exciting. Oh and today I am going fishing again with
another member in Delta! Lots of fishing and I love it! It's true what
my Uncle Troy said. It is kinda like a vacation on pdays but it's back
to work the next day. I really do love Alaska and everything it has to
offer! We have and some kinda rainy weather lately but it is looking
nice now. I also love the people here. They are so nice and generous!
Don't get me wrong we still get the door slammed in our face at times
but people up here are generally really awesome. I love the people we
get to teach! I was had this great lesson the other day where we took
one of our investigators on a church tour. We were hoping it would
help her want to come to church but unfortunately she didn't make it
yesterday. It really breaks my heart when our investigators don't come
to church. I just want to grab them on the shoulders shake them and
say this is true happiness but we're not allowed to do that haha. It
is so amazing to me the type of Christ like love you develop on a
mission. I am constantly thinking of these people and I pray for them
day and night. It's hard because when they slip up or are sad my heart
truly goes out to them. I just know how much happiness there is in the
gospel and I want others to know it to. I know the Lord helps us
everyday even the days that are hard if you truly look you can see the
blessing every single day. I love you all and hope you have a great
week! I got to get going! Fish our biting!

-Elder Barney
Berg Family with Elder Barney & Elder Dalin

Pike caught in the Alaska outdoors
This is a Grayling fish caught in the great out door of Alaska in the town f Tok 

 Tyler and Creed Berg helping me fish. Creed is the young
one and Tyler is the older one.