Hello everyone!

Hope you all had a great week! I am currently in North Pole.
 I will send pictures of it next week. We are going to Santa's house and
checking out rain deer! So pumped! Also we got transfer calls this
week and we are staying! Elder Dalin and I are together for another 6
weeks! I really enjoy serving with Elder Dalin. He is a stud and
cracks me up! Other missionaries are leaving Fairbanks so we will be
saying bye today to them. In this mission it's a good chance you won't
see people ever again because how big it is. The other day Elder Dalin
and I looked up on line and saw that our area is actually bigger then
most missions in the world but a lot less people! We do a ton of
driving! Next week we are actually driving down to Tok and I love
going to Tok! It's a little bit slower but it's super cool!
This week my focus has really been focusing on listening to the
spirit. When we teach lessons it is all the spirit and we have to be
very sensitive to it's promptings. I learned that sometimes we get
promptings that don't really pan out. I wondered why did I feel that I
should do this or say that and didn't work out. Sometimes we can't see
the result of the prompting and sometimes it's us showing obedience to
those promptings. That is something I have learned so much about and
it is also one of the most frustrating lessons to learn. I still get
frustrated at times when I don't see an outcome of a prompting. I know
that as I act on those promptings and try my hardest to listen for
them there will be seen and unseen blessings.
I love you all and miss you! Have a great week!

-Elder Barney
Caribou Antlers