Hey everyone!
So this was another great week here in Delta Junction! We did a lot of
service this week. We helped an investigator put up a fence for his
farm for a couple hours then we went and helped plant some trees and
helped out around an Alpaca farm! Everyone here sure does have a farm.

We also helped out with some garden work with an investigator. Lots of great service this week! The people up here are just the nicest people
around. Even though we are doing service they help us out and give us fresh food from their farm. 

We were able to go to Fairbanks for a zone meeting which was great!  The drive up was sooo beautiful! So green up here.  At the meeting I learned how  important it is to take the harder right and be obedient so we can be blessed. The Lord has truly been blessing us up here. We hope to see those blessing continue as we travel to Tok later this week. Tok is this tiny town in our area. It is about 2 hours away from delta junction and 4 from Fairbanks. We will be traveling down for a few days this week to go see some people. It will be very awesome! I will let you know how all that goes. I am pretty excited. Oh and also just to let you all know it actually gets hot in Alaska! Yes hot! We hit 90 degrees up here the other day. Also I am convinced I will never see the night again. The sun seems to never go down. It looks like noon at 10 pm! It is crazy
and it's somethings to get use to haha. I hope you all have a great week and stay safe! Remember how obedience and diligence can bring blessings. The Lord loves you and how great it is to have him always there for you! Thank you for all your prayers. Missionaries definitely feel the love and support on those prayers! Love you all!

-Elder Barney

No where else to go the high  ends here
Got my hair cut today the lady used VINEGAR to wet it down