Hey everyone!
General conference was awesome! I noticed as a missionary general
conference is like Christmas! It was great! I can't wait until they
come out on gospel library so we can read and listen to them. It might
just because I am a missionary but I though they talked a lot about
families and how important they are. One of my favorite things I heard
was "I know it but do I believe it?" That is a powerful question. It
is something I think everyone should ask themselves time to time. I
know as I have I gained more of a prospective of things. If you
haven't heard Elder Hollands talk I strongly suggest everyone watches
it. It was fantastic! This week has been so great as we prepared for
conference. Also this week we have had a lot of fun teaching the
gospel! Last pday it was awesome because we had a going away party for
an Elder who went home. He is a great missionary.
So for a funny story this week. Yesterday we were going to wash 
Image result for clipart of something that smells in a washing machine
something in our washing machine and I totally forgot 
I left a towel in there from last week that was soaked
with milk. So that towel sat in there for a week soak
with rotten milk! Oh my heck that was the worst smell ever! Can't believe how bad that was!
 Life lesson right there!
 Well I love and miss you guys so much! Have a great week and
remember to show what you believe!

- Elder Barney