Hey there everyone! So this might be a little shorter. We are heading
out to go fish for some silver salmon!!! I am so pumped! I have been
waiting all summer for the silver to finally get up here to Delta! I
will let you know how that goes!

So the Fishing went well!!!!

So for a update. This week was great as usual! We traveled once again
to Fairbanks for a Zone Meeting which was pretty good! We had some
great lessons this week! We had a miracle happen on Sunday! The Bates
family from Idaho came to church! They just moved up here and we found
them a couple weeks ago. Turns out they are less active members but
they came this last Sunday. Man I was so happy to see them! They are
so awesome! We helped them move in this week. Speaking of which we had
lots of good service this week! We killed Turkeys this week instead of
chickens. So we help pluck the Turkeys and chop them up! There sure is
a lot of awesome service when you serve in a tiny farm town! Well this
next week we are headed down to Tok for a service project and meet some
more people. We get our transfer calls this week also. I have been
here in this area for 6 months and I love it! I would love to stay but
I would also would like a new challenge and meet new people so what ever
happens I am excited! Well I love you all and hope you all have a safe
Got to go fish are biting!

-Elder Barney