Hey there friends and family!
Well to just start off with my transfer call I am (drum roll please)......... Staying!
Yup I am staying with my greenie Elder Semadeni! That makes it a total of 7 1/2 months here.
I am actually happy with my call! I was very surprised and so was everyone else but I guess it just means I still have work here to do. I just need to roll up my sleeves and get to work and fulfill the purpose I am here for. Things are going good here! We had quite the busy week! Fist on Tuesday and Wednesday we had exchanges with Elder Davis and Elder Parks. They came down and we flooded the town of Delta with missionaries! I was able to go with my good friend Elder Davis. He is awesome and it was a fun exchange! We went way out in the boonies to see the people we haven't seen in awhile. Always meet some interesting people there!

Later in the week we went on down to Tok! We had planned to drive down late afternoon on Friday but we had a miracle Friday morning! We got a phone call from one of the less active members down there who asked if we could come down earlier to teach a lesson to one of his friends. Oh man was I pumped! We don't teach very much in Tok so that was a cool experience! It was a powerful lesson filled with the spirit. I hope we can meet with him again sometime soon. We spent the night there in Tok in the awesome Berg cabin! 
Nice digs for a Missionary
The next morning we had some bomb crapes for breakfast with the Bergs! Then we headed over to a service project for one of the members there. About 15 members of the Elder Quorum from the Delta Junction Ward made the 2 hour drive down early that morning to cut up some fire wood. That was one awesome project! I have never cut as much wood in my life as I have in the past 6 weeks! We cut, split, and stacked about 8 cords of wood in about 2 hours! Man that was some hard work! 
Splitting wood will ware you out fast! Anyway it was all worth it because after that we all went to an awesome small town diner called "Fast Eddies" and it was delicious! Nothing better then a butterfingers milk shake after a hard day of work. After devouring a pizza hoagie we went to visit some less actives with the Elders Quorum. One of which was the same less active who called us to teach his friend the day before. As we were meeting with him he told us that when we were teaching the lesson to his friend he felt the spirit tell him he needs to forgive the person we offended him and come back to church. He talked about the blessings he knows he is  missing when he doesn't go to church. He committed to come up on the 30th with the rest of the Tok members! I am so excited for him! It will be his first time back in years! Its crazy to me because we didn't even talk about going to church in that lesson but the spirit told him what he needed to hear! Well that's my crazy week this week!

I love and miss you guys! See ya!

-Elder Barney
Not sure if this the pizza hoagie, but it looks messy no less.