October 24, 2016

Hey there everyone!
So this was another great week up here in Alaska! The snow as fallen
and so has the temperature! This morning as we jogged to the church
building it was a couple below zero! Usually in the mornings everyone
is saying it's about -12 to -15 here. When I go outside I feel my
noise hair freeze! Anyway ya that is what has been going on up here.
Not to much snow yet but enough I busted out the boots for tracking!
Other then the weather it's been a super nice week! We drove once
again to Fairbanks for interviews with President Robinson which was
sooo awesome! I really love my mission President! I took us awhile to
drive up because it was snowing like crazy and the roads were pretty
bad so everyone was taking it nice and slow. It's kinda crazy seeing
everything with snow on it here. I'm use to the long summer days but
know it's cold and the sun is going down around 5pm. So it's back to
adjusting to that again. I really like summers up here but sometimes
the winters are so looong! We have seen a lot of awesome miracles up
here in Delta Junction! We have a part member family here that is just
so awesome and progressing so much! They are 2 sisters trying to raise
their kids together. They both surprised me and my companion when they
told us earlier this week that they are quitting smoking and chewing!
We have been trying to get them to quite forever and. Now since they
have been doing the small and simple things like praying and reading
scriptures they are having a change of heart! It grew my testimony so
much knowing that change starts one step at a time it just takes an
act of faith.
I love and miss you guys a lot! Have a great week!

-Elder Barney