So it's been another great awesome week up North! We had some awesome
things happen this week! First off we had some great lessons! One of
which was with one of our new investigators! He is awesome! We asked
him if he read in the Book of Mormon yet and he told us when he does
he feels like he is doing something wrong because his whole life he
has been taught there is only the Bible. He says he knows there's
nothing wrong with it because it talks about the same things but he
can't get over the feeling. So we decided to read with him. He told us
that is made such a difference reading with us and having us there to
answer questions and he said he felt the spirit. Something he told us
that I thought was pretty cool was that when we go over to his friends
house (less actives) and he's there he said he feels something
different when we are there. I know that is the spirit and it's a cool
feeling to know that the spirit is always with the Lords missionaries.
Later this week we had our Halloween party / Chili Cook-off which was
awesome! We were the judges for the chili and man they were all sooo
great! We dressed up for the party! We went as "fishers of men!" We
won the best couples costume reward hahah. The funniest part was that
the youth had a costume contest for anyone 12-18 and my companion is
18 so everyone made him join the youth and it was hilarious hahahaha!!
The party was a big hit! We had lots of less actives there and some
investigators as well. On Sunday it was the primary program and lots
of people came to see that! I love watching that, those little kids
are so darn cute! We got roped into teaching the youth Sunday school
which made me decide that I will NEVER become a Jr. High teacher! Lots
of people from Tok came up! I love seeing those Saints make the 2 hour
drive to church! What dedication and faith the have! Today for
Halloween we are not doing much. It's our Pday don we have to be in
our apartment by 7pm.
Oh so last night I found out something soooo exciting! A kid just a
year younger then me that was less active when I got here and we have
been working with forever has decided to serve a mission last night!!
He got his patriarchal blessing and decided he needs to go. I has
sooooo happy and could probably lift a truck over my head I was so
pumped for him! It brought me back so many great memories with the
missionaries I would spend time with, Elder Taylor and Elder B! I am
so happy I was able to do some of the same things those two great
missionaries did for me! It was the best feeling in the world to know
that John is making the best decision of his life!

Well I hope you all have a great week! Stay safe love you all!