Nov 14, 2016

Hey there friends and family!

What a week up here in Alaska! Once again it has been a great week
with the Lord blessing the work! Oh before I get into that I have to
tell you guys a funny story that happened last pday! So we were about
to go do a family home evening with some members when on the drive
over Elder Semadeni's nose just start to bleed like crazy! So we
pulled up to the apartment building and he is just wiping his nose and
it was so nasty but the best part was that the family looks out the
window and sees us so I wave and run up and told them what was going
on hahaha. So then he just shoved some toilet paper up his nose and we
went inside and started the FHE hahahaha! He just looked so funny! We
went to the bathroom and finally got it to stop but it was just perfect timing hahaha!

Now let me tell ya what it is like to be a missionary in one of the most conservative states in the nation during the biggest and craziest election ever! There is no escaping it! I'm glad I don't watch tv or have Facebook or stuff like that but everywhere you go that's all people talk about. We were very informed on the election haha! On Tuesday no one let us in and if they did they only wanted to talk about the election! I'm so glad it's over but still big in conversation, hopefully it dies down a lot. 
Okay well that was it for the election.... on a more spiritual note, One of our investigators is getting baptized!!! She is 9 years old and super awesome! Her family is less active but returning! I can't even begin to tell you how seeing this family grow in the gospel has made my faith grow! As they have put forth the effort to change you can see the Atonement of Christ start to work with in them. They are happier, smile more, and you can fill the spirit in their home. Two sisters, who are single moms raising their kids together, are running the family and it is the change they are making that is making the difference. What a miracle they are!   Other great tender mercies have happened as well. We have eally been praying for new investigators who are ready and prepared.
Well this week that prayer was answered. We have been teaching this awesome young women who is pretty much a active member. She goes to church, mutual, even seminary every now and again. Her mom is in active but she still wants to come to church so she decided to take the lessons. We taught her the first lesson at one of her friends house and it went absolutely great! Now she wants to continue to learn more and more. God is good! I promise you he hears our prayers! The answer my not come right away but it will come his way and in his time but I promise you it will come! I have found on my mission it comes when you choose to act and when you choose to be obedient. That's when you see miracles!

I love you all and hope you all have a great week!

-Elder Barney