Hey everyone!

So this week has been great and cold all at the same time! First off
Halloween was pretty sweet! We had a cool dinner! It was "feetloaf"haha.
Then we were stuck In our apartment all night because we had to be in by 7pm but that's okay because it was our pday so we went for a little adventure around Delta Junction.

Now for the rest of the week on Thursday night we drove to Fairbanks again for Zone Meeting. It's about a 2 hour drive one way and it feels like we drive it a lot! We do soooo much driving here because everything is so spread out! Why does Alaska have to be so big!?
Anyway it's all good because the drive is beautiful and Fairbanks is always a blast. Zone Meeting was good and I learn a lot from the training's. So that was sweet but the highlight of the week was so many miracles! First off holly cow God is good! So we went to this less actives/part member family and had dinner. I love this family so much.
They really get attached to missionaries so we have to be careful we don't get to close but they are awesome! We asked the mom why she doesn't go and it's the same reason 90% don't go... they got offended.  She really has put her foot down on not going even way before I was here but for dinner this week she had a change of heart. First things she tells us is that she feels like she needs to come back to church and something is always pulling her back to the church. We asked where is this all coming from and she said she had a great conversation with a friend who is an active member who was bold with her and just told her it is your chose.I was so happy! She is still talking with her husband but it's miracle she even talked about the church in the first place! Now on to the 2nd miracle yesterday I was fasting for a new ELECT investigator and we had an appointment with a potential that we tracked it into. It was a great lesson and right from the get go it was so apparent how elect he was! He wants us to come back and he is excited to learn more!
Now moving to the next miracle, yesterday morning we went to wake up this less active family up for church and they actually came. We have been teaching their 9 year old daughter who is so fun to teach. Any way the mom got up yesterday and bore her testimony for the first time since she was 15! It was so great to see the change that is taking place in the family! The Atonement is real and I'm so blessed to see it work in people's lives first hand.
Then the best part came this morning. The mom called us and told us that Alexis (the 9 year old we are teaching) wanted to tell us she wants to get baptized! I am so excited for her and excited to continue to teach her.
Man oh man there was so many great miracles this week!

Well I hope you all have a great week and keep on keeping on.

-Elder Barney