Hey guys!
So this has been a very long and busy week with lots of traveling and
hard work. First off the traveling all went great! The ferry ride is
always great and always beautiful. Spent the night in Juneau with 3
other missionaries and met my new companion Elder Hall. He is a great
guy and is from Texas. He has been on his mission a little longer then
me so just a little over a year. Definitely love my new companion! The
next day after picking up Elder Hall we flew back to Skagway. Oh my
good heck!!!!! That was the coolest thing ever!! So we took this tiny
little bush plane that seats 4 people including the pilot and went on
a little tour on our way back. We asked the pilot if he could take us
over the ice fields to see some cool sights and because it was such a
beautiful day he did it! Alaska is soooo beautiful! We were dipping
down in valleys, going over huge mountains, and flying over a glacier!
It was sooo cool! There is no way and I mean absolutely no way this
world was created by some Big Bang. This is truly a creation from God!
We were so lucky to take that flight on such a beautiful day! People
pay a lot of money to take that tour we did and we were blessed enough
to do it! Okay so that was probably the best part of the week. The
drive back to Whitehorse was great as well. As soon as we got back we
got to work. The past 4 days of been exhausting because of how much we
have been doing. Talking to lots of people and having lots of funny
experiences. One funny thing that happened on Sunday is my companion
found out he had a talk to give that day. He gave a great talk but it
was funny that was his first talk he has ever given on his mission and
he had no time to prepare! That is what happens in tiny branches
hahaha! Well I hope you all have a great week! Oh and I wanted to tell
my grandparents I love them so much and so grateful for them! Love you

-Elder Barney