Hello everyone!
Well this has been a pretty great week with lots of news. First we got
transfer calls Friday night. I am staying in Canada but I will be
getting a new companion. My current companion, Elder Parker, is going
to Wasilla which is a city near Anchorage. I will be getting Elder
Hall. I am really excited to go pick him up because it means I get to
go to Juneau which is always fun! Of course we will be taking another
7 hour ferry ride on Tuesday then on Wednesdays I will be taking a
tiny sea plane back to Skagway then drive 3 hours back to Whitehorse
with Elder Hall. So once again a lot of traveling which is okay
because we get to talk to lots of people on the ferry so we still get
to do missionary work, no days off ;)

Okay that is the biggest news but there is still big news! Well I
guess it's just big news to missionaries so I think it's huge! Anyway
there has been a change in missionary schedule now across the world.
Before we wake up and 6:30 work out and prepare, 8:00 am is personal
study then companionship study at 9:00am then leave at 10:00am. Then
at night we plan for the next day at 9:00pm then bed by 10:30 pm. So
that is how its been my whole mission but now it's changed! So we
still get up at 6:30 but then it's pretty much up to us to chose how
we use the morning. We have to plan for a half hour for our day and
still need to work out for half hour and personal study for an hour
but we can pretty much do it in any order we want. We still need to
leave by 10am but now there is no companionship study in the morning.
We do companionship study for half hour any time of day we choose. And
we don't plan for the next day at night anymore. It might not seem to
big but after doing the old schedule everyday for a year and now
changing it, it just feels......wrong. I guess I'm not use to it yet
but it's pretty weird and a big change for missionaries. So it's been
an adjustment. Oh! And one of the weirdest things is that our pday
starts at 8am instead of 10 am now! Weird.

Alright that's the 2 big things that has happened this week. Other
then that it's been a pretty normal week. We have done a lot more
tracking this week which is always an interesting experience to do in
Whitehorse. I did see a miracle during it though. So it was freezing!
It was about -25 degrees outside and my fingers were just frozen even with 2 pair of gloves. We had a long way to go and I just said a
little prayer that my fingers would stay warm and I kid you not the
next 4 doors we knocked on said "come in and get warm!" I couldn't
believe it! We have tracked in colder weather and not a sole would let us in but as soon as I said that little prayer people opened their
doors. I wish I could say they let us teach them but they didn't. We
were able to warm up and after that I didn't feel cold at all. God
answers prayers. No matter how small it may appear we can pray for it. God truly cares about us and what we need. I was not expecting people to let us in because we pray all the time for people to let us in and they don't but this time that is how God answered my prayer and I am so grateful for that. Prayer is real! Well I hope you all have a great week and hope all is well! Love you guys!

-Elder Barney