Well hello everyone!

It has been a interesting week this past week. First to start out on a
good note we had a miracle happen this week!! So we have this
investigator who is from East India. She is soooo awesome and funny! She has been meeting with missionaries for about a year now and she has wanted to be baptized for a long time but she has to have permission from her mom (culture thing). Her mom said no. So we have just been reading scripture with her since she has been taught all the lessons 3 times. Then on Tuesday we invited her to a baptism for a 8 year old. She felt the spirit strong and said she wants to be baptized soooo bad! We told her to pray and we will pray and fast that her moms heart will be softened. So she called her mom and asked once again and prayers were answered! She said YES!!! So now she will be baptized in March. I can't wait to see her enter into the waters of baptism! She has been such an inspiration of faith. Ever single week she is at church and every single month she pays tithing. She is the most elect investigator I have ever met.   One thing that she told me that really hit me was: "Elder Barney you are suppose to  be here for me, Your prayers work." It was really hard to fight the tears and then tell her that it was not me but  the Lord heard her and others many prayers. I know she is someone I was suppose to meet. I know with out a shadow of a doubt that God hears us and answers us every single day! It is on his time  and his schedule. I can't wait to see her get baptized!  Moments like that make up for all the discouraging moments. That was the big thing of this week! Other then that it has been a little struggle. I was sick most all weekend so it has been a health building week. Well I love and miss you all so very much!
Happy New Year!

 Love ya!
-Elder Barney