Hello Everyone!

So this was just another great week here in the Anchorage Alaska
Mission! We have been pretty busy with meetings lately. First of all
our 4th of July wasn't half bad. It was raining for a bit but cleared
up and turned out to be a nice day. We went fishing once again with
the same awesome members and were able to have a BBQ with them! It was
such a fun time. Later in the week we went to Fairbanks for another
meeting. It was really fun going there! I love seeing other
missionaries and love the training we get. I learned something about
change. Change is a choice everyday. I find myself saying at times I can
change this later or work on that some other time. The truth is that
we can change right now. I have learned on my mission that God and
Christ are all about us changing for the better. At times we feel that
we are not successfully repenting when we continue to fall. We are
always successful when we change for the better. Even the smallest
change is great in the sight of the Lord. Change is like a snowball
effect, it can start out as something small but over time it gets
bigger and bigger. That is something that has been on my mind ever
since our last zone meeting.

Anyway the rest of our week has been great. We recently learned that
an investigator we taught and committed to baptism then moved to
Fairbanks is now getting baptized this Saturday. Although we were
unable to continue to teach him I really grew to love him and his
family. I am so excited for them and his choice to be baptized! How
great it truly is to see people change for the better! I love the
opportunity I have to teach about Christ and love to hear of people I
taught make that step to baptism. I also recently heard of another
investigator I taught in Anchorage being baptized now. I am just so
happy for all of those people! They are truly making the best decision
of their lives. I hope all of you have a wonderful week and stay safe!

-Elder Barney

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