Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a good week! This week was a freaking amazing week!
It was super HOT all week. I never would of thought Alaska would get
so dang hot. It was high 80's low 90's all week. Interesting fact
about Alaska is that no building or home has A/C. It is only like this
for 3 months out of the year so no one has any A/C. Anyway other then
the weather this week was great. We worked really hard and had some
great lessons with some really awesome people. My birthday was
definitely the highlight of the week. I got a package from my family
that was so amazing! Thank you all for your birthday wishes! It was so
awesome to see all the love in that package. The rest of the day was normal missionary life which made this the best birthday I have ever had! I look back on my past birthdays and realized the difference in what I did on those days. In the past I just thought of myself all day but this past birthday I spent all day thinking of others and teaching about Christ. There is nothing else I could have done that would of made my birthday better. One thing that was the cherry on top though was the dinner we had with some  awesome members that night! They made
this big birthday dinner and made me a birthday cake for dessert! The cake was on a new level of deliciousness! Oh man I just wanted that cake all over my body ;) haha anyway I really had a great day! I just
have a great time this whole week.

I love the people here in Delta Junction! With it being so hot it has been hard to sleep and all we have is a fan that is the size of my fist and works half the time. So nights have been pretty rough but since there is such amazing people here, there was some members that went out and bought us a fan! How awesome they are just blows me away! Now they want to pay for a ceiling fan for our apartment. Man there is
some amazingly nice people here! Anyway for the best part of the week some one we taught was baptized in Fairbanks Saturday! We were so
pumped for him! We taught him for awhile then he moved and decided to be baptized! I am just so dang happy for him! It is so great to hear
about those things! I know that this gospel will bless their lives more then anything! I know this work is true and it gives me happiness like never before! I love my mission, I love my savior, and I love all
of you!

 Have a great week and have fun! 
 Elder Barney