Hey guys!

So this week has been a very cold week! Although it has been cold we
still have been doing good up North.
This week I have met more and more amazing people. The members of this small branch are so nice and inviting. So with meeting more and more people we also had Zone
Meeting. Since our Zone is pretty spread out with everyone in my district on a different Island and us in a different country we had to do our meeting over video chat. It was really good! I am use to driving 2 hours to go to that meeting but now I'm either a plan ride away or a ferry so it was nice to just call in and listen. Our Zone Leaders gave some great trainings about being fearless when we OYM (street contacting) and it really hit my companion and I. So the next day we hit the streets of Whitehorse and tried to talk to as many people as possible. It was a lot of fun! Although there was a lot of rejection they all said no with a smile on their face, Canadians. We did see some miracles which was awesome but we could only do it for about 2 hours because it was -24 with windchill -30 Celsius which is like -22 Fahrenheit. My eyelashes started to freeze and it made it hard to see and Elder Parker's contact froze so we had to start heading back. All and all I think it went really good considering it felt like I was a human pop sickle the whole time.

Later in this week we had a missionary from the Whitehorse branch return home from the Detroit Michigan Mission. He is a great guy! I really admire him with what he has gone through. He was a foster child his whole life until his family adopted him. The whole family are members except his father. He came home to see they are all less active. He gave his home coming talk yesterday and his dad spoke with him. It was the first time I have seen a non member give a talk but wow oh wow you could just feel the love he had for his son as he spoke. It made me think just how lucky I am to have a amazing family loving and supporting me. I love my family!

Something that I have learned this week is that we have the power to choose. We choose if we are happy, we choose if you love someone, we choose to get up and move forward. It is all up to us to make that choice, God won't make it for you. I know that God we will help you once you choose! I have learned more this week then ever that we are not  alone. The Savior is there ever step of the way!

I love and miss you guys a ton! This Christmas season I really miss my
family and friends but I know I will see you all next Christmas! Love

-Elder Barney
First McDonald's in 7 months