Hello everybody!

Wow oh wow what a crazy week it has been! So much has happened! I guess I will start with transfers. So I am going to...... Whitehorse, Canada!!!!!! 
Yup I will be headed across the order to Canada in the Yukon Territory. How I am getting there is crazy! So first I fly n Wednesday to Anchorage then have a hour layover there then fly to Juneau and land there at 9:30pm. Then on Thursday I spend all day with the Juneau Elders in their area, then on Friday I take a 6 hour Ferry ride to Skagway then drive 3 hours to hitehorse! So i have some crazy days of traveling coming up! I am really excited since this is my first time out of country but I am also really sad leaving Delta Junction. This place feels like home! I absolutely love the people here!! These amazing saints in Delta and Tok have changed my life by their wonderful examples. A part of my heart will always be in Delta Junction. It's a weird rush of feeling be transferred. All at once I
feel excited for what the future holds and sad to leave the past behind. If you haven't experienced it it's hard to explain.  I am happy that I am leaving a good note after a great week! Thanksgiving was so great! Oh man did we stuff ourselves!!! We started  the day playing a turkey bowel in single digit weather! After that we went and had a feast with the Moss family and played a fun board game.        
After that we went to the Wrigley's and eat chips and dip. After that we went to the Sansoms for pie. After that we went to Bishops house and my companion and I each got a whole pie to ourselves!!! After that we finished the night with our last thanksgiving meal at Alexis's house. I was stuffed to say the least!!! Thanksgiving was a LOT of FUN! At the Moss's home they gave us Christmas presents because they knew I was most likely going to transferred . We got a foam football and each got a "fury stocking" with lots of candy and socks :) I loved thanksgiving because it felt like seeing family all day!
So to top this crazy week off their was two baptisms on Saturday! First one was Riders who is 8. It was so awesome to see his father baptize him! Their whole family has just fit right in with the rest of the Ward. I never ever would of guessed two transfers ago I would of been at that baptism. It's crazy how much God prepares people! Later that day Alexis got baptized. She is 9 years old and is just the nicest girl ever! Her baptism was one of the happiest moments of my mission.  
Seeing her mom and her aunt get up and talk about the Holy Ghost and Baptism just melted my heart! Seeing the change in their whole family is an absolute miracle! That whole family are living witnesses that the Atonement is real and that anyone can change. To think that we were just driving and felt prompted to knock on their door randomly one day just goes to show that God has a plan and he truly works through miracles. On Sunday I was able to confirm Alexis a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints and what an amazing moment that was. She just seems like she glows even more then before. Those moments of seeing people change make up for any struggle, any door slammed in our face, any rejection, or any dog trying to bite us, it makes up for it all. Last transfer I didn't really know why I stayed another transfer but I know now. Seeing the miracles I have seen this past transfer has changed my life. I learned to trust in the Lord. We may not know all the reasons why things happen but I promise it's to help you to become who God needs you to become.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I love you all and wish you
the best. Off to the great land of maple syrup and gravy!

-Elder Barney