Hey there guys!
Well this was a very interesting week! It started off with lots of sad good byes. Oh man I really didn't think it would be this hard to say good bye but it felt like saying good bye to family! I just absolutely love the people of Delta Junction! I miss them all so much! It's pretty hard going from knowing EVERYONE to knowing no one. Although it was really really hard to say bye i was still excited for the new adventure. I first flew to Anchorage by myself which was really strange but once I got to Anchorage I flew to Juneau with some other elders. We landed around 9:30pm. It was a long day because I left delta at 2pm. Then the next day I was stuck in Juneau in a tri-companionship for the day because my companion got stuck in Skagway because the ferry broke down. He got in late that night. So I can only describe what Juneau was like with one word, RAIN! It didn't stop raining the whole time I was there! But I can't complain to much because it stayed at a nice 30 degrees which was great considering in Delta Junction it was -30 degrees when I left. So Juneau was actually pretty cool.
Then the next morning we went on the ferry back to Skagway. Now it was one crazy adventure on the ferry! First off I had all my luggage and went to put it on the luggage truck but they said they were all full so I would just have to take them with me. So me and my companion had to carry both of our stuff up this tiny little stair way barley big enough for a midget with over 150 pounds of luggage! So
once we found a place to put our luggage we went to find a seat but they were all taken so we had to go up on the deck where it was pouring rain! Luckily there was a little spot with some heat lamps so I just bundled up and layer there trying to get some sleep. It was a 7 hour ride with some of the most amazing views I have ever seen. Although it was freezing it was really awesome to see the islands and mountains there!Also we were able to talk to a guy about what we do and gave him a Book of Mormon. It was really great because it just goes to show that there is always ways to do missionary work. Being here in Alaska we travel a lot and I mean a lot and I have learned that we can do missionary work anywhere anytime.


So anyway once the ferry ported in Skagway we had a 3 hour long drive to Whitehorse. Before I talk about that Skagway was great! It is where all the cruise ships stops but with it being winter there was no ships. Skagway was still beautiful even with all the snow! The town is really awesome! It looks like you walking back in time because all the builds look like it was build in the 50's. The church there was really some and cool too. Anyway we went on our way to Whitehorse. That was such a beautiful drive! I have never seen anything as beautiful! I couldn't get good pictures because we were in a avalanche area pretty much the whole time and not allowed to stop. I will try next time.
So once we got to Whitehorse it had been a very long day.
  I am now in a new time zone so we are an hour ahead of the rest of the mission. Canada is similar but really different. For example you have to pay to use a grocery cart and pay for plastic bags! What the heck? The people are really cool. Everyone and I mean everyone says "eh" like all the time haha! Anyway so far that's the big news this week. Meeting lots of people and enjoying Canada. My new companion is pretty cool. His name is Elder Parker from Logan. He is a little older, like 25 years old so it is interesting. 
Well I love you guys a wish you all the best! Hope you all got to watch the Christmas Devotional. It was jam packed with the spirit. Remember to think of the savior for Christmas! Love ya!