Hey everyone!
So I am in Juneau right now! We have Zone Conference tomorrow so all
day yesterday was spent traveling. We were able to stop off in Skagway
and attend church but then we took a 7 hour ferry ride to Juneau. It
was a super long ride but it was better this time because there wasn't
has many people so I didn't have to sit outside in the rain :) so I
got to sit in a big comfy chair! A miracle happened on the ferry!
So we met this guy 3 weeks ago when we took the ferry to go to
Companion catching some ZZZ 
and guess what?!  He was on the ferry again! We gave him a Book of Mormon last time and he read a little but he went back to Anchorage but we got his contact info for a referral so that was awesome! Also on the ferry it got a little sketchy when we went through a storm. The boat was shaking and waves were crashing against the windows. There was 5ft waves! It was pretty cool and a little scary but we survived haha! The ferry is always a good time! Anyway the rest of the week went pretty good!

We went tracking last Monday and it was -32 Celsius. It was way to cold! I know there is someone that the Lord is preparing for us to teach! We have some pretty awesome investigators here already! We had a Christmas party that was sweet! I was absolutely stuffed after that party! It was crazy! All and all this week has been pretty cool! Well we are pretty busy here this pday! Love ya all see ya!

P.S. can't wait to see you next week mom and dad!

-Elder Barney